Q & A with Jenn Lucas, Finance and Administration at Bailey Brand Consulting

Jenn Lucas
Bailey Brand Consulting
April 5, 2022
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Bailey Brand Consulting is a creative agency that brings solutions to brand challenges to drive business success.

- Doing everything manually is really hard. Workamajig’s integrated tool makes life simple by managing resourcing and trafficking, profitability, and realization.
- Workamajig tells you if you have the right people in the right roles.
- ‘It’s made huge strides in our company, definitely recommend it.’-Jenn Lucas

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My name is Jen Lucas I'm from bailey brand consulting in Plymouth Meeting Pennsylvania and I am the director of finance and administration at the company. I was part of the original implementation of Workamajig about five years ago.
Why do you use Workamajig?
We had a personalized system via FileMaker for the project management side of it and I use that term loosely and a separate finance system we were using MYOB. The problem was, there was no integration between the two. There was no way to really do any kind of reporting looking at KPIs or anything like that without manually having to pull everything and kind of piece things together so it was really hard to monitor projects. 
Then from the project management side obviously they wanted more of an enterprise system that would give them the functionality that they needed to do resourcing and traffic and that kind of thing.
Why is having everything together important? 
Now as a company from a corporate level, we can manage profitability we can manage utilization, realization, and all of those things that we never had optics on before. Then also from a resource planning standpoint taking a look at do we have the right staff right people in the right roles capacity that kind of thing. It really goes to a better-run system and better management from the corporate level.
Advice to someone considering Workamajig? 
I was a little hesitant in the beginning from an accounting perspective we rolled out the project management side of it first and I waited for like a year or 2 until they got everything situated the way they needed it and then they were really confident in the system and then I rolled out everything from an accounting perspective so we switched all the books over and I would say it's made huge strides in our company, I would definitely recommend it.


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