Beardwood&Co Achieved Efficiency and Time Savings with Workamajig

Jason Sophie
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November 22, 2022
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Instead of using manual spreadsheets to keep on top of their finances, having limited project data, and not knowing which team members to deploy to which project, Beardwood&Co now use Workamajig to:
Easily keep track of data, get deep project insight, and know which team members to assign to different projects for maximum efficiency. 

As Jason says, ‘Workamajig is very user-friendly and easy to navigate. It's made by people who work in the same industry, speak our language, and clearly have an understanding of what our needs are as an agency.

Workamajig helps us be a lot more efficient every day.’’

Workamajig is a fully integrated project management system that does it all for advertising agencies and in-house creative teams.


Hi, my name is Jason Sophie I'm the Director of Finance and Operations for a branding agency in New York City called Beardwood&Co.

We're a branding agency that works with Fortune 500 companies like Colgate and others for their branding packaging and strategic initiatives.
At Beardwood&Co I am responsible for finance and operations so I work with the c-suite on forecasting and profitability as well as billing invoicing accounts payables.

Before Workamajig we did a lot of manual spreadsheets Google Sheets Excel
and it was a very tedious task. Now we're trying to use the system to do a lot more of that work for us.
We really wanted to start analyzing projects more on a task level and not so much on a holistic project level because projects can span long periods of time so that was a problem we were facing.
Since using Workmajig we've been able to analyze our team and the hours available to be able to deploy our team members onto projects in a more efficient way.
The software itself with Workamajig is very user-friendly and easy for us to navigate which makes it much more efficient for us and then also it's made by people who have worked in the industry who speak the same language that we do and clearly have an understanding of what our needs are as an agency. 
Beardwood&Co has never had a full-time Finance person that has been helping us with resourcing so my job is to help us be more efficient every day. Workamajig has been a big help with that.


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