Black Dog Advertising: Remote Collaboration Streamlined with Workamajig

Kathy Penney
Black Dog Advertising
July 17, 2023
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Kathy Penney is the President of Black Dog Advertising in Miami Florida - a full-service digital marketing agency focusing on traveling and tourism.

Kathy oversees the operations and finance division including HR, accounting, and billing.

Now that Black Dog has gone remote, the challenge lies with keeping everyone in the loop, on task, and within budget.

Once Workamajig came along, Black Dog moved all their conversations into the Workamajig software instead of using an unorganized combination of chat, email, and phone calls. Everything is now streamlined and all the little pieces work seamlessly together.

Says Kathy: “The one big thing we love about Workamajig is its scalability. It’s really grown with us over the past 6 years. They’re always adding and we’re always adding.”



Hi, I'm Kathy Penny, I am the president and CEO of black dog advertising.
We're located in Miami Florida. We're a full-service digital marketing agency specializing in travel and tourism.
My primary responsibilities are overseeing the operations and finance divisions including HR, accounting, billing, finance, etc. I would say some of our most challenging tasks right now are project management and keeping everybody on the same page. We have gone largely remote about two-thirds of the team is remote now so kind of keeping everybody in the same loop-on the same page all on task/on budget has been a little bit challenging.
We've kind of retooled the way we do our project management so that everybody is really in the loop. We've moved all of our conversations for jobs into the actual Workamajig conversations box. We used to kind of use some people were on chat and some might be emailing and some might pick up an old-fashioned phone and call somebody. Now it's all in conversations, all of our project management is handled through Workamajig, our accounting is handled through Workamajig so it's very streamlined. All of the little parts and pieces kind of all work together and the team can each access it through the Workamajig system it's just really kept it where it's very streamlined and everybody is on the same page.
I'd say the one big thing that we love about Workamajig is it's you know it's scalability-it's really grown with us. We've used it for five-six years and initially, we didn't necessarily use all the features and aspects, we didn't need them all. Each year they're adding things and we're adding things too, There's always something new around the corner.

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