Q&A with Sandy Gagnon, "Stop using 10 different platforms and use Workamajig"

Sandy Gagnon
March 16, 2022
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Adworkshop is a creative agency that creates experiences to connect people to the brands they love.

- Get everything you need, all in one place, from a project’s start until invoicing time.
- Sandy says, ‘Stop using 10 different platforms and use this one.’

Workamajig is a fully integrated project management system that does it all for advertising agencies and in-house creative teams.

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I'm Sandy Gagnon, I am from Adworkshop and I am the finance director.

How long have you used Workamajig?
We have been with workamajig since 2010 and we were on a platform called control g before that which became very antiquated it was a dos-based platform and so we needed a new solution to bring all of the different parts of our agency together
How does Workamajig make life easier? 
In finance, you'll find that a lot of organizations are using multiple platforms. There'll be somebody using QuickBooks etc. For me, part of why we went to workamajig, to begin with, was because everything could be done on one platform.
Why is having everything in one software so important?
We bill by time as most agencies I'm sure do. Everybody enters their timesheets every day so we don't have time sheets being kept in a different platform so all of it's there, It's all on the projects, there's all the billing comments, and everything we need is there to move the projects from the time they start till the time they go out the door and we get to invoicing.
What would you say to someone considering workamajig?
It's one-stop shopping, it's everything you need all in one cohesive package stop using 10 different platforms and use this one because it can do everything you want it to do and more.

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