Biggest challenges solved at Heinrich Marketing with Workamajig

Julie Forbes
Heinrich Marketing
December 1, 2022
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Heinrich Marketing, a Denver-based marketing agency, was using a very complicated system, which people did not want to use. But now…

‘Workamajig has solved our greatest challenges in that it’s really easy to use, you can slice and dice the info in a lot of different ways. It’s given us a project schedule that tells you what you need to do from start to finish, who’s supposed to do what, and how long it’s meant to take.’

‘The support is great, you can call and ask questions. It’s agency-specific and has all the bells and whistles the company was asking for. It has provided a one-stop-shop for the staff and has just been really helpful.


Hi, my name is Julie Forbes I'm with Heinrich Marketing in Denver Colorado and I'm a director of project management. 
Heinrich Marketing is a full-service marketing agency and we do everything from websites digital work, print work just a lot of different things for a lot of fun clients.
My primary responsibilities at the agency are making sure that all of the projects that go through the agency are flowing as efficiently as possible between all the different departments. 
So the most challenging task for us at Heinrich is really about managing workloads and do we have enough hours allocated. 
The system that they were using was very complicated and people did not want to use it.
 It was just not the right fit for the company.
Workamajig has solved our biggest challenges in that I think it's really easy to use. 
There are a lot of great features and you can slice and dice the information in a lot of different ways. 
 Having a project schedule for a project that you're working on that tells you what you need to do from start to finish and who's supposed to do what and how long it's supposed to take them. 
It does provide a lot more information and a lot of really good data the support is great, you can call them, you can ask them questions... This is a product that is agency specific it has all of the bells and whistles that the company was asking for
It provided that One-Stop shop for the staff for everything job-related and it's just really been helpful.

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