Q&A with Rachel Digman, Comptroller at Smith & Jones

Rachel Digman
Smith and Jones
March 15, 2022
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Smith & Jones is a marketing agency that specializes in branding, service line campaigns, and retention and recruitment for the healthcare sector.

- We’ve become a profitable agency by making good decisions through Workamajig’s software.
- We can now track the health of a project through the time sheets function. 
- It’s so helpful to have everyone on the same software because if someone standing in for someone, they don’t have to be trained to use the software, and if someone does need to be trained, it’s easy because it’s so intuitive.
- Workamajig will set your agency on the path to profitability.

Workamajig is a fully integrated project management system that does it all for advertising agencies and in-house creative teams.

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Hi, I'm Rachel Digman I work for Smith Jones and I'm the comptroller there for the last 14 years.
What do you like about Workamajig?
I like the ability to have the financials there in addition to the project management and to have them tied together. Through the years it's gotten stronger and we really use it for looking at KPIs, using our Rockefeller habits and our vision traction so that we can become a profitable agency and know where our weaknesses and our strengths are so that we can make different business decisions based on the software.
Are time sheets helpful?
Absolutely, everybody logs their time, we've got timesheet approvers. It's in there to look at the health of a project. we look at budgeted hours versus actual hours on a daily/weekly-whatever basis constantly, it's part of our DNA.
Is it helpful to have everyone on the same system?
I can't imagine not having everybody on the same system, having CRM, timesheets, project management, and accounting. First of all, it means that I only have to train everybody on one piece of software there's no grabbing this one it's not ad hoc. It's all right together and so if somebody's out on vacation from one department it's not terribly hard for somebody to come in and pinch it in a situation because they understand how the software works whether it's in opportunities or it's in project management it's very similar.
How easy is training a new user on Workamajig?
Honestly, we haven't had any situations where we were having a difficult time training anybody on the software. I think it's pretty intuitive and it hasn't been a difficulty at all.
What would say to someone considering Workamajig?
It's the kind of software that can meld all the different things that you're looking for to run your agency to make sure that you're profitable including your CRM timesheets project management and financial all-in-one software so that you can really look at profitability and to make sure that you're on track to become a profitable agency and to figure out where your weaknesses are. It does everything that QuickBooks or any other basic software does. You have the ability to customize reports pull those P&Ls and compare income statements month to month and year over year. One of the other features that we really like is the ability to drill down into those statements, and really see what makes up that line item which I know is really important when you're looking at an income statement and you're trying to explain something to the CEO of a company.

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