Q&A with Linda Stellman, Finance and Operations at Tipping Point Communications

Linda Stellman
Tipping Point Communications
March 15, 2022
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- Tipping Point Communications didn’t know if they were making money on the clients. Enter  Workamajig, and they have complete visibility into their profits. 
- Workamajig allows you to easily track what’s been billed and what hasn’t instead of trying to figure it out from a big clump of data on QuickBooks.
- Workamajig provides a roadmap for how to run the company and how to grow it.
- Things that used to take ages can now be done with the click of a button, and the fact that Workamajig is built for agencies and is very scalable makes it a pleasure to use.

Workamajig is a fully integrated project management system that does it all for advertising agencies and in-house creative teams.

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Linda Stellman, I'm with Tipping Point Communications and I'm the VP of finance and operations.
How did you discover Workamajig?
I started with our company about six years ago and they didn't really have project management software at all, they were using QuickBooks for financials. Obviously, I wanted to know, are we making money on the clients? Are we making money on the projects? Did a little research on different software that was available somebody mentioned Workamajig Dug into that and here we are almost four years later.
How has Workamajig helped your company?
A lot of it is just the visibility of how everything's connected. I'm able to dig into a project and find out why I didn't make the money. Did I not estimate properly? So I learn from historic information. I like the fact that I can track things that have build and that build very easily to a project/vendor, whereas in QuickBooks I had to look in this big dark hole and try to figure out what went with what and how to clear it out, whereas now it's just the click of a button and I'm able to drill down.
What is your favorite aspect of Workamajig?
My favorite thing is the visibility into the whole company and that it was giving us a road map of how to run the company. It's also giving us the data to now grow the company and react appropriately.
What would you say to someone considering Workamajig?
This software is geared toward the agency world, it's geared toward these types of companies so it covers the unique things that make us special and allows us to it gives us those tools to work within that environment as opposed to "Oh yeah, it's really built for a manufacturing company but you can make it work for an agency world".- It's actually built for the agency world.
What about scalability for your company?
We have about 22 people that use Workamajig and it has been very scalable for us in the sense that we started out with project management and the financials then we added CRM we had it all there but we started adding different pieces and even up till now we're adding as we grow and say we really need more visibility into our new business funnel so we went with the CRM, we need more visibility into some of the project stuff, and as we move to platinum now we're seeing that we even have more opportunities that will we haven't outgrown it yet.

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