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Software Downunder (Australia / New Zealand)

Based in Sydney Australia, and now headed by Tim Rice, Software Downunder has been providing expertise in Operational Excellence to advertising agencies, design firms and in-house studios since 1990.

Tim explains further, "I have been intimately involved in the set up of creative service companies and the implementation of software systems including staff training. I am available to work with any creative services firm to help with the various problems that may arise and discuss how they can get the best out of Workamajig to help their company grow and be successful".

Covering both Australia and New Zealand; training can be conducted on-site or online.

Services available:

  • Needs analysis and planning
  • Software installation, setup and configuration
  • Best practice business, workflow process and system development
  • Workamajig training – for light users, beginners and new team members
  • Workamajig training – for client service and new business
  • Workamajig training – for production, traffic and resource management
  • Workamajig training – for media
  • Workamajig training – for finance, management and owners
  • Workamajig training – for system managers 

Get in touch
Tim Rice
Software Downunder
57a Albert Street
Leichhardt, NSW 2040
Phone: +61 416 095 889

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