Implementation Checklist for Project Management and Resource Management


As a member of the implementation team, you will be overseeing the setup and implementation of Workamajig. During the setup period, you will be working with other members of the implementation team to ensure Project Templates and Project related workflow is set up, from time and expenses set up to managing you resources, along with other areas of your agency.


Getting To Go Live


Though many of these areas will be set up by other members of the implementation team, you will need to confirm the settings prior to Go Live:


Project Templates

__ Schedules and Assigning Services

__ Estimates for known Expenses

__ File Folders

__ Spec Sheets


New Projects

__ Editing Schedules and Assigning People

__ Estimate Workflow

__ Expense Workflow

__ Task Conversations Workflow

__ Deliverables Workflow


Resource Management

__ Staff Schedule

__ Traffic Calendar

__ Assignment Management

__ Assignments View


Creatives Today

__ Interact with Assignment Cards

__ Add Time from Assignment Cards

__ Use Conversations from Assignment Cards

__ Complete Assignment Cards


Project Expenses

__ Misc Cost Workflow

__ Expense Report Workflow

__ Order Workflow

__ Voucher Workflow


Project Billing

__ Editing Transactions

__ Billing Worksheet Workflow