Workamajig for Agencies: Training & Onboarding Overview

Getting started with Workamajig

Workamajig provides FREE training to all new clients as well as complimentary continued support - included in all Workamajig subscriptions! 

Below is a brief review of each of the main structured training sessions for your Workamajig implementation. Depending on your implementation, some of the individual sessions may not be appropriate & your training plan will be adjusted accordingly.

For each session, we ask that your entire Core Implementation Team be present. You are always welcome to bring in additional members of your staff, as appropriate for the training session. Your Core Implementation Team should consist of a person from each area of your business: Account Management, Project Management, and Group Management. We realize that some people will wear multiple hats, and that's just fine.

Remember- the Workamajig Support Team is always here to help you all the way through your implementation, and beyond.

What To Expect

The average implementation time of Workamajig is 2-3 months. This can vary depending on your internal procedures, experience with using enterprise systems, availability of your staff, and completion of setup.


    All sessions are conducted over the phone using a browser-based Webinar. Each session is one hour long and sessions are typically spaced about a week apart so you can learn and apply what you're learning as you go through training.

    You can use your remaining training hours as you like either for Q&A discussions or to get more in-depth training on the aspects of the system you utilize most.


    After each training session, there will be setup homework for you to complete before proceeding to the next training session. As you complete homework and create internal documentation, feel free to pass along the information you have created to your account manager for review.

  • Zoom

    We use Zoom as our webinar screen-sharing tool for training and support needs. You will be given a direct link to each meeting in your training confirmation email.


    We want your implementation to go as smoothly as possible! Every Workamajig account includes unlimited email support, phone support & chat support. Use it! We realize that there will be many questions during the implementation process, and we are available throughout to keep you on track to success.


    Choose two or more people who will be the Workamajig experts within your organization, and who will act as the system’s Administrators. The role of the Administrator is to oversee the setup of your Workamajig database and to monitor its use.

    Note: System Administrators are able to view the entire system including financial and employee data.


    This team consists of department heads or key leaders from the various areas within your organization. Each person contributes important perspectives and shares in the initial data input or setup of the database. We recommended the following roles be on our core team:

    • Account Executive/Account Manager

    • Traffic/Production Manager

    • Controller/Accounting Manager

    • Senior Manager (Principal/Owner or Creative Director)

    Your implementation will focus on training this team, who will help with developing your internal procedures and deploying Workamajig to the rest of your staff.


    Workamajig is compatible with the latest versions of the following browsers:
    •  Chrome
    • Firefox
    • Safari
    • Edge

Typical Training Implementation

This is a general outline of topics. Your training & implementation may vary, depending on the scope of your implementation, your team's workflow, and bandwidth.


    We want to get to know you during this 30-60 minute call! We'll discuss your needs, expectations, team members and their roles, and goals for implementation. Then, we'll establish your personalized training plan so we can hit the ground running.

    • Attendees: Core Implementation Team - this typically includes at least one person from each area of expertise: Accounting, Sales, Project Management, and Production.

    • Homework: Provide a client invoice, project estimate, and a typical project schedule for each project type performed by your agency. (Est time 1 hour)


    In this session, we'll talk about navigating Workamajig. We'll also walk you through adding calendar events, syncing with other calendars, and entering or importing clients, vendors, contacts, and employees.

    • Attendees: Core Implementation Team

  • CRM

    The CRM training will cover lead tracking for new business opportunities, estimating opportunities, and converting awarded opportunities into new projects. We'll also cover email marketing features.

    • Attendees: Core Implementation Team

    This session is a pre-accounting session where we'll cover the setup of your GL accounts, default project/billing/purchasing settings, setup of labor (services), and expense categories with the connection to GL accounts.


    This session is for everyone on the implementation team. Templates allow you to speed up project creation, standardize across project types, and increase reporting efficiency. We'll talk about the use of templates, and how to create them. This will include project schedules, and estimates of labor and expense items.

    • Attendees: Core Implementation Team, Project Managers, Account Managers

    Building on the project template training, we'll create a new project, using a template created by your team. You will create and approve the project estimate, activate the project, send out the first assignment notifications, and perform initial traffic duties, such as the setup of hours and assignments. We'll discuss the traffic functionality within Workamajig, and how it will help you stay in touch with project status updates, assigned tasks, resource loads, and maintaining schedules.

    • Attendees: Core implementation team, Project/Account Managers, Traffic


    We'll continue to build on what was discussed in the last session and look at traffic management and tracking time toward a project. You’ll be able to take full advantage of the traffic/resourcing features in Workamajig, such as forecasting your future assigned workload.

    • Attendees: Core Implementation Team, Project/Account Managers, and Traffic.


    In this session, we'll look at the various ways to communicate with the project team. Areas covered will be conversations, task-level to-dos, project files, and deliverables.

    • Attendees: Core implementation team, project/account managers, traffic, and production team (optional).


    This session revolves around the general staff and project managers entering time and expenses towards a project. Time entry will look at the preferred methods of entering time via 'My Task'. We'll also discuss the best practices for time entry. With expense entry, we will look at the various methods for entering expenses against a project. These will include staff expense reports, misc. costs, orders, and vendor invoices. We will examine the best practices and workflows to assure timely entry and tracking of expenses to the correct project.

    • Attendees: Core Implementation Team, Project/Account Managers, Production Team, and Purchasing Team.


    This session will look at creating client invoices, based on time and expenses that have been entered against the project. We will look at best practices for assuring a consistent billing workflow through the agency. We'll also cover the 3 typical methods of agency billing: time & materials, fixed fee, and retainer. Then, based on your needs, we'll work on your agency's workflow for using the Workamajig Billing module.

    • Attendees: Core Implementation Team, Project/Account Managers, and Billing Team.


    In this session, we'll review the GL chart of accounts setup, and any additional settings you may need, such as office/department separations, or the need for separate GL Companies in one system. We will also review your defaults, check layouts, bank reconciliations, receipts, vendor invoices, payments, and JEs. Lastly, we will review the go-live process for accounting, and how to enter your opening balances and transactions in the system.

    • Attendees: Core Implementation Team, Accounting Team

  • GO LIVE!

    The go-live meetings are to ensure you and your team are ready for fully working in Workamajig.

    • Pre-Go-Live: This is a general review to go through your entire Workamajig workflow, from project intake to looking at financial statements. We will also confirm any changes in the planned go-live date, set by your team during our discovery call. This is typically scheduled 1-2 weeks prior to your go-live date.

    • Post Go-Live: This is a general check-in and a Q&A session to see how the implementation is going and to troubleshoot any hiccups you may have encountered. Scheduled 1-3 weeks after the go-live date.

    • Attendees: Core implementation team, all team members.

Elective Sessions


    While MarComs/In-House creative teams tend to use this feature more than traditional agencies, it can be very useful when you have clients that work on many projects with you and want a way to submit requests digitally. Included in this training are spec sheet creation, project request form creation, and client portal setup.


    If your agency is a media buyer for your clients, it is necessary to know if you are syncing with an external media buying program, such as a SmartPlus or Strata. These programs will need specific items set up in Workamajig to ensure they sync correctly and allow you to bill your clients efficiently. If you do not use these programs, we can show you how to do all your media orders, billing, and trafficking in Workamajig.


    Everyone wants to see a customized report of how their organization is doing. This training covers the basics of modifying our listing screens and creating your own focused custom reports.

  • Q & A

    For any additional questions about the above information, or if you have a different question, please email our support team.

Bonus Training & Feature Updates

Most clients will have remaining training hours left at the end of implementation. These are for your team to review other project functions, dive deeper into traffic and scheduling, or review other system areas.

Workamajig always strives to improve our product with enhanced features and new updates. When we introduce a new feature in the system, we will always offer free training to get you up to speed on what it is for, how it is designed to work, and how it can help you. We introduce all new features via Workamajig Labs. Try it, give us feedback, and let us know if we can make it better before we incorporate it into a general release. Your feedback and suggestions are what help make Workamajig better each year.


    To set up your training session with Workamajig, you'll work with our scheduling team. Initial training sessions will each be set up about 1 week in advance. Your success with Workamajig is dependent on your participation!


    Training, homework, and implementation questions always arise. We want you to be successful, so do not hesitate to contact your account manager to help you navigate the road. The best way to contact us is via email. In order for us to give you the best possible support, you should include as many details as possible (invoice number, project number, screenshots, or a brief scenario).