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Creative Agency Management Software

How does Workamajig fit into every part of a smooth-running team? Scroll down for a day in the life of a well-managed agency.


Agency Resource: The Ultimate Guide to Creative Project Management

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New Opportunity, New Project

An account manager preps for a client by using Workamajig to easily outline the scope of a project and create an estimate.

By using templated creative briefs, the account manager is able to develop a creative brief with ease, and route it to the client for comments and approval.



Approval to Launch

Once the client approves the estimate, Workamajig automatically assigns to-do items, builds out the project, and creates timelines for the creative team.

As tasks progress, Workamajig tracks them against the budget and schedule, and issues reports on productivity and project gaps.



Staying on Track

Keep your project schedules on track with Workamajig's schedule notifications and simple online proofing process.

Change requests are tracked and assigned automatically through multiple versions until the final deliverable is approved. The invoice is generated quickly and accurately.



Insights That Matter

Using project data, Workamajig reports show productivity goals and time estimates versus actual project results.

With this information, the CEO, CFO, and account manager can determine whether budgeting needs to be changed for future projects and thereby increase profitability and improve cash flow.



Workamajig is a robust ERP and Project Management system that gives you the power to streamline your entire agency, so every project stays on track, every time.

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