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CRM & Sales Software

Drive new business and improve CRM while streamlining your processes.

Manage every Opportunity

At a glance, you can view opportunities that are in progress and see where they are in the pipeline, as well as when they’re expected to close. You get a better understanding of your business trends, and turn leads into clients. 

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Easily estimate new projects

With unlimited estimate formats, Workamajig lets you match your client’s specific needs, and route an estimate directly for approval. Speeds up your timeframe for getting new projects started.

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Integrate calendars

Never miss an appointment with a prospective client again, with calendar integration features and schedule management functions that allow you to input notes and include relevant feedback.

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Even more CRM & Sales features


Track communications

Integrates with email programs to automatically record all inbound and outbound messages, to make all contact records more relevant.


Get mobile capability

Tap into your functionality from anywhere, with a mobile-friendly and responsive user interface.


Access a full-featured sales dashboard

Everything you need will be on a customized dashboard, to be able to drill down on your sales pipeline.

Integrate with social media

Get sales insights from Twitter and LinkedIn, as well as 500+ apps via Zapier, so you can make the most of every lead.