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5 Quick and Easy Ways to Simplify Creative Resource Management

Managing creatives is like managing creativity.

You want to keep both flowing—in the right direction—and this takes time and energy.

Engaged resources are effective resources. You must challenge your team to do great work within the time and budget allowed. You can’t give resources too little to do, for they will grow bored, and their creativity may wane. But nor can you overschedule them, because they could burn out. 

February 15, 2017       |       By Julie Huntley       |        Resource Management

Tried-and-True Brainstorming Strategies for Your Next Creative Project

Inspiration isn’t spontaneous.

Yes, the great idea for a creative project is akin to the proverbial light bulb going off in your head. But the light doesn’t come on by itself. In fact, it may require the equivalent of you pushing your way through a crowded room to flick the switch. 

February 14, 2017       |       By Julie Huntley       |        Project Management

5 Tools to Streamline Creative Resource Management

Creative resource management is as important for finishing projects on time as budgets and deadlines. You must have the right people, at the right time, to do the right work. Otherwise, even your best-laid plans will go awry. But managing your resources can be difficult, particularly when you need them for multiple projects with conflicting deadlines. If everything is urgent, you can easily overschedule team members.

January 5, 2017       |       By Julie Huntley       |        Resource Management

Quick and Dirty Tips for Easier Content Marketing Agency Management

Managing a content marketing agency is a multifaceted responsibility. Agency management requires you to simultaneously manage money, people, and projects. If you devote too much of your time or resources to any one of these areas, you risk depriving the others, thereby possibly compromising the productivity and profitability of your content marketing agency.

January 3, 2017       |       By Julie Huntley       |        Agency Management

Project Management Secrets for a More Successful Creative Project

Secrets aren’t meant to be shared.

But we’re going to share some anyway so that you can have a more successful creative project. From how you structure your project to how you communicate with your team and complete your work, incremental improvements made in individual phases of a creative project can increase its overall success.

December 19, 2016       |       By Julie Huntley       |        Project Management

Is Your Agency Management Software a Help or a Hindrance?

We talk a fair amount about having a dedicated project management software package to help you manage your team and workload effectively. But it’s not enough to have just any agency management software solution. You need to have a platform that allows you to have complete oversight and control of your projects. It does no good to have project management software that is more of a burden than a blessing when it comes to using it.

December 8, 2016       |       By Julie Huntley       |        Agency Management

Think You Know Integrated Project Management? Think Again

So, you know integrated project management.

You know that integrated project management helps you complete work efficiently and profitably by ensuring that project elements are coordinated. You know that resources and stakeholders are connected and projects are completed according to processes. But do you really know what integrated project management means for your projects and your agency in terms of its ability to increase efficiency and improve profitability?

December 6, 2016       |       By Julie Huntley       |        Project Management

Top 7 Tips for Staying Focused at Work During the Holidays

Staying focused during the hectic holiday season may seem daunting. Between office parties and family get-togethers, it seems as if there’s always something to be done. And that doesn’t include traveling and the financial burdens that always seem to be associated with this time of year.

November 16, 2016       |       By Julie Huntley       |       

When It Comes to Project Management In Advertising, Avoid These 8 Things

Project management in advertising is like traffic control at an airport. You must manage what’s coming in as well as what’s going out, and much can be happening with both at the same time.

From preparing creative briefs for review to processing requests for revisions to drafts and formulating budgets to forecasting resource demand, you must know what is going on anywhere at any time during your project.

November 14, 2016       |       By Julie Huntley       |        Agency Management

Work/Life Balance: How Good Project Management Can Help

It can seem like a battle to balance your duties as a project manager with still having some semblance of a social life. Thankfully, there are a few key ways that having proper project management can help ease the burden a bit. If you can avoid putting any free time toward your work, you can start making inroads to achieving that work/life balance. Here are a few areas to concentrate on:

November 11, 2016       |       By Julie Huntley       |        Project Management
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