Q&A with Alicia O’Donnel, Project Manager at IdeaBank Marketing

Alicia O'Donnel
IdeaBank Marketing
March 14, 2022
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IdeaBank Marketing is a marketing agency that helps clients come up with solid, strategic marketing plans.

- Workamajig is an easy, user-friendly platform, and a phenomenal way to keep everyone on the same page.
- Onboarding to Workamajg is very smooth onboarding, and the customer service is incredibly helpful. 
- With Workamajig, our time is maximized.

Workamajig is a fully integrated project management system that does it all for advertising agencies and in-house creative teams.

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 Hi, I'm Alicia O'Donnell I'm with Ideabank Marketing and I'm a project manager.
How did you hear about Workamajig?
When I started about a year ago at Ideabank marketing I became familiar with Workimajig and I found it to be an incredibly easy platform, very user-friendly, and just a phenomenal way to help me keep the designers, the copywriters, and the account executives all on the same page as we complete projects for our clients.
What was your experience before Workamajig?
I have had an incredibly varied career that has included stints as chief of staff to the president of a small liberal arts college, congressional staffer, and non-profit organization staffer. In many of those positions, it would have been phenomenal to have had this kind of tool to be able to organize and implement various types of projects.
How was the onboarding process?
My co-worker has attended workology conferences in the past and was able to integrate so much of what she had learned at these conferences into our office that the onboarding process and the training she had set up were incredible and when I've had additional questions reaching out the support staff such as Rod has been great and they've provided me with insights as I've needed them but it's been a very smooth transition and onboarding process.
How is Workamajig customer service?
Customer service from Workamajig has been great, it's always been incredibly positive and helpful. They do a great job of breaking down complex concepts into digestible components.
What does Workamajig mean for you?
When I start a project I can include our account executive our copywriters our designers and increasingly because their projects across a multitude of different areas that can keep our web department updated as well which allows us to have all of the notes from the initial meeting all of the dimensions all of the information necessary for this project to be completed in one area that everybody can access whether they're on the road or in the office and that allows us to maximize our time and be more efficient in delivering solid projects to our various clients.
Would you recommend it to project managers?
Absolutely-The level to which you can personalize templates and other jobs to make it work best for your company and your company's needs would make it very helpful for a variety of project managers whether they're at an agency or they are in-house. 

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