Q&A with Kristin Burrup, CFO at Number Crunchers

Kristin Burrup
Number Crunchers Inc.
March 14, 2022
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Number Crunchers is an accounting firm.

- Workamajig saves a lot of back and forth-you’ll have better financials, better reporting, and better metrics
- Once you have integrated software like Workamajig, your efficiencies come to life. People can focus on what they're good at instead of number crunching.’

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My name is Kristen Burrup and I work for Number Crunchers and I'm a CFO.
What pain points does workamajig solve? 
Workamajig allows the integrated system from CRM project management to accounting. It saved a lot of the back and forth of offline spreadsheets and whatever. Now everything's integrated so we're able to get better financials, better reporting, better metrics graphs charts, and all those types of things. 
What was it like before Workamajig? 
Multiple software, we had time track keeping, we had project management and then we had finance. Having to do a lot of entry, duplicate entry into the finance piece which is the final product was what was the difficult side where we found a lot of our aches and pains. 
How do you use Workamajig? 
We do consulting for clients that use Workmanjig so we actually help them with their accounting piece so a lot of it has been just really assisting with that implementation there and going through and making sure it all flows together. 
How does Workamajig help your clients? 
I think the biggest thing is just finding the efficiencies for other companies and seeing that once you have an integrated software then a lot of those efficiencies come to life. Instead of doing a lot of data entry and more inputs, they're able to focus more on their day-to-day jobs and so forth. 
What would say to folks considering Workamajig? 
I would probably just say to go for it. They're going to be so surprised by the reporting functionalities and all the different metrics. Just having the system integrated I think makes the end piece which is the financial piece so much easier. 

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