Workamajig's Impact on Spawn Idea's Growth and Efficiency

Lisa King
Spawn Ideas
September 3, 2020
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Lisa King, CFO of Spawn Ideas Discusses Workamajig’s Finance Management Software
Spawn Ideas works with brands that inspire a sense of well-being and a spirit of adventure.

- Implementation was great-an outside consultant came to help every month for a few months.
- Using Workamajig was the best decision I ever made. 
- Workamajig just gets better and better and helps the company get better and better.

Workamajig is a fully integrated project management system that does it all for advertising agencies and in-house creative teams.

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I'm Lisa King and I work for spawn ideas in Anchorage Alaska and I'm the CFO.

How did you hear about Workamajig?

11 years ago I did some research and there were six companies that I looked at, and by far Workamajig- in those days they were called Creative Manager Pro and by far they were the leader in the industry so it made it a very easy decision.

How was the implementation?

It was great we had an outside consultant come up and we went on the whole system full board she came up about a month before then she helped us decide how we wanted things on the system so we tweaked them a bit she came back a month later and she came back on a Monday spent a week with us and by Wednesday we announced over the loudspeaker that we were up and running on Workamajig and to go on in start your timesheets, run with it.

Any Advice for agencies about Workamajig?

I'd say it was the best decision I ever made. I'm in the accounting and all of it works well. I can speak to financials, profitability, and billing which is my favorite part of the system is billing and it just grows better and better. Workamajig is always
changing so just like we want to grow as a company ourselves, we grow because Workamajig grows and expands and modernizes and comes up with today's technology so it's been it's an easy decision for me to say that.

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