Two Twelve making great strides in Productivity and Profitability with Workamajig

Jim Plattner
Two Twelve
February 2, 2022
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Jim Plattner, Chief Operating Officer at Two Twelve Discusses Workamajig’s Agency Management System

Two Twelve is a public information design firm, dealing in way-finding art and science of helping people navigate the built environment.

- Since using Workamajig, efficiency has greatly increased. We know when we’re running out of money and where we stand with our budget. 
- We didn’t need the consultant we had hired to get Workamajig live, Workamajig sent someone who made our integration seamless. 
- I wouldn't hesitate to go for Workamajig.’

Workamajig is a fully integrated project management system that does it all for advertising agencies and in-house creative teams.

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I'm Jim Platinum chief operating officer for Two Twelve, a graphic design firm in New York City.

Has productivity increased with Workamajig?
when I started at this company in every area, they were so far behind the eight ball from project management, time management, and financials and once we implemented Workamajig we were able to track off projects and budgets you know, so much more efficiently.
It allowed us to pay attention to the client contracts, know when we were running out of budget, and when to ask for more money, for change orders.  We use it for the whole package in general ledger time reporting project management, and expense reporting and it's made a huge difference in the profitability of the company.
How was the implementation?
  Two Twelve is a relatively smaller size agency- it's not even an agency it's a company, it was a little bit problematic because we actually had hired a consultant to help us with the implementation and getting ready to go live and it turned out that we really didn't need to do that and in working with the consultant versus working with-it was Penny Kooy from Workamaj ig who is now not in training anymore but sales-she actually saved the implementation in the process and walked us through again a really seamless integration and go up and live. Without Penny's help, it would have been a real disaster but yeah, and it turned out we didn't really need the consultant we were able to rely just on the Workamajig people.
Any advice for other agencies about Workamajig?
  I wouldn't hesitate to do it. I mean sometimes companies have to adjust their processes a little bit to work within the Workamajig system but from a financial management/project management be the robustness of reporting capabilities I give it really high grades and I always recommend it when I'm asked it's you know, I love it so maybe I'm a little bit prejudiced, but it gives me everything that I need to do as a chief operating officer from a financial perspective, from an administrative perspective, from a project management perspective and even my marketing department uses it from a CRM perspective as well so it's a fully integrated tool that really works well so I would recommend it highly.

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