KF Strategies

Do you ever ask yourself these questions:

  • Are we on budget?
  • Did we estimate enough to do this project?
  • Is this timeline actually doable?
  • Where is the Creative Brief?
  • What is the next deliverable?
  • Who is working on this project?
  • Why do the AEs have their own individual processes, and why are they different on every project?
  • Are our reports in Excel or Google Drive?


Almost every agency experiences growing pains and has asked these same questions. 

Many agencies decide to make a change by turning to Workamajig.

With over a decade of Workamajig experience and dozens of implementations, I design and implement a full lifecycle specialized solution for my clients and provide tools and approaches that increase efficiency, create collaboration and build the bottom line. 

My philosophy: Your people should drive your process and your process should drive your software.

I’ve helped many clients uncover issues, develop optimal solutions and make Workamajig a valued asset to the whole organization.

My track record speaks for itself:

  • 88% cash flow increase within the first 30 days of implementation
  • 98% adoption rate to systems & processes within the first 3 months of roll out
  • 42% increase in project profitability
  • 46 % Performance improvement within 3-6 months of roll out
  • 32% Productivity improvements within 3-6 months of roll out 

If your current project management process isn’t working or your software isn’t giving you the ROI you expected, I’m here to help.


Kimberley Fulwood

Chief Strategist, Founder




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