Workamapro Profitability Consulting 

Are you an agency manager in a growing agency? Did you buy Workamajig so you can keep up with your customer list? Do you have anxiety because it’s taking longer than you thought to get Workamajig to “work” for you?

Let me know if any of this sounds familiar:

  • - You are struggling to launch Workamajig.
- You want Workamajig to help you optimize your workflow and resources for profitability.
  • - You want to use Workamajig to its full potential - but you don’t know what you don’t know.
  • - You aren’t sure if you can trust your financial reporting.
  • - You want better dashboards and reports to make better decisions.

  • Issues like these can change the color of your hair. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

What if you could:

- Approach your implementation with confidence?
- Remove all risk of implementation failure?
- Understand the full impact of your implementation decisions before you make them?
- Create a system diagnostic to measure agency performance?
- Review your current state for opportunities to optimize profitability?
- Feel like your software system is working for you, instead of feeling like you’re “feeding a machine”?
- Sleep like a baby knowing your company financials are bulletproof?

If this is why you signed up for Workamajig in the first place, then Workamapro can help your agency thrive.

Workamapro exists to help agency owners optimize profitability. Don't waste resources solving the wrong problems. Understand them before making decisions impacting your solution. Our solutions are custom-designed to fit your agency. One-size-fits-all solutions create more problems than they solve.

My name is Lee Handley and I am the founder of Workamapro. I am a rehabilitated agency CFO turned profitability consultant. I have helped hundreds of agencies optimize their operations for profitability since 2008. I also happen to be the world’s #1 expert on the Workamajig software platform.

I come from the agency world. I’ve felt the struggles of making payroll and the joys of signing a new (gorilla) client. I understand that your agency is unique. Technology should never compromise your creative culture.

Now I’m getting excited about your project! Let’s start a conversation (click here) and get you back on track.

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