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Workamajig Creative Management is proud of its organically-grown consultant partner. Lee Handley is the first Workamajig client-turned-consultant. Over the years, Lee has led his advertising agencies into profitability, with Workamajig Creative Management as the most important tool for those successes. We are happy he’s decided to apply his executive leadership and proven strategic, financial, and operational principles to the Workamajig way.

Lee’s company, Workamapro Inc. provides consulting, support and training services solely to companies using Workamajig Creative Management Software (formerly known as Creative Manager Pro). Lee specializes in innovating ways for companies to take inherently complex processes and simplify them using Workamajig. Lee explains it this way, At Workamapro, we understand and recommend learning The Workamajig Way. But we also understand that organizations come to Workamajig with effective values, processes and operations already in place. We believe that learning a new software system should not mean you have to let those go. We prefer to adapt and integrate successful and relevant practices that are already ingrained in the agency into Workamajig’s flexible system.

Workamapro believes that the key to effective operations is assigning accountability, and clearly defining your team’s roles so that they are easily understood. Workamajig provides an organization with the best opportunity to manage such a system. Recognizing that many agencies often feel they cannot slow down and devote the time it takes to learn and fully implement Workamajig’s functionality, Workamapro works hand-in-hand with Workamajig to guide these agencies into the Workamajig Way seamlessly and without interruption of workflow.

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