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Creative Performance Inc.

Creative Performance is a niche-consulting firm that specializes in advertising and marketing Agency operations. We help clients dramatically increase their realization rates, utilization rates, profitability and throughput… while maintaining their creativity. The CPI management team consists of former agency owners, focused exclusively on empowering agency principals to achieve their business and cultural goals. We bring a balanced approach that emphasizes harmony between People, Process and Technology.

Education Services

  • Workamajig Project Management University
  • Workamajig Accounting University
  • Workamajig System Setup University

Professional Services

  • Workamajig Performance Audit
  • Workamajig Deployment
  • Workamajig Redeployment

Management Consulting

  • Principal Consulting
  • Agency Performance Audit
  • Project Management Discipline Rollout
  • Agency Workflow
  • Project Architecture
  • Resourcing + Traffic
  • Roles & Responsibilities Matrix
  • Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A)

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Vanessa Edwards
Creative Performance Inc.
Portland, OR 
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