David C. Baker - ReCourses

6101 Stillmeadow Dr.
Nashville, TN 37211
Phone: 615.831.2277

David C. Baker, the principal at ReCourses, Inc. is the leading management consultant for the creative services field (advertising, design, public relations, and interactive).

Through ReCourses, Inc., David has guided hundreds of firms through management issues, difficult transitions, and growth. He has written for nearly every publication and spoken for nearly every conference in the industry, and conducts a dozen yearly seminars on specific management topics.

David’s work on management topics is unusual, thoughtful, and frequently contrarian, but it stems from working in the trenches and looking at what really works. He provides objective, expert advice on best practices, either for existing problems or to plan against future ones. You may already know what he points out, but he will put the pieces into context, save you from experimenting, and bring solutions that may not have occurred to you yet.

David will gently pull you out of the marinade of indecision and warm up the grill.

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