10 Reasons Why to Choose a Marketing Career Path

August 2, 2023
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Marketing is both an extremely in-demand and versatile skill. Every business needs to market itself and each business needs a different type of marketing to be successful. If you’re considering a marketing career, you’ll have a plethora of options at your disposal as there are countless types and stripes of marketing jobs for you to choose from.

Think the marketing career path is for you?

You might be even more convinced once you’ve read these top ten reasons to go for marketing.


1. Quickly build up an excellent career 

Marketing is not so much about learning hard skills, but more about developing soft skills and gaining experience. While there are different levels of marketing jobs, a successful marketer can quickly make their way through the ranks. Because marketing is so results-driven, if you’re creating good results, people will want you regardless of how you got where you are now.


2. Work in an industry of your interest 

Interested in sports? Interested in food? Interested in entertainment? You name it, there’s a need for marketers in just about every industry out there, which means you can get a job in an industry you love. 


3. Be valued for your creativity

 Accountants and surveyors aren’t paid to think outside the box, but your creative streak will be highly valued in a marketing career. Businesses need to stand out to be unique and the more they stand out, the more customers they’ll attract, and the more money they’ll make.


4. Constant opportunities for growth

 A career in marketing has a clear trajectory for growth. Though you’ll start off with some entry-level marketing job titles, you can quickly make your way up from intern, to assistant, to executive, to CEO, plus other titles you can insert in between. There is a clear marketing career ladder to climb toward success.


5. Many areas to specialize in

 In marketing, there’s a huge variety of specialty roles to choose from, and each is very different. That means that among them, you're likely to find something you’re good at and enjoy. Different marketing career paths include: 

  • Social media marketer
  • Digital marketer
  • Inbound marketer
  • Product marketer
  • Brand marketer
  • Content marketer


6. High earning potential

According to Indeed, the average salary for a Marketing Director is $94,148 and for a Chief Marketing Officer, it’s $143,569. Starting off as an intern, you obviously won’t earn anywhere near these high-up marketing hierarchy titles, but as we mentioned above, the trajectory to success is both relatively quick and clear-cut.


7. Action filled

Are you the kind of person who loves going from one exciting task to the next? Marketing is one career you can be sure will never be at a standstill, as the very nature of marketing is forward-thinking, constantly changing, and forever developing. That being said, marketing also requires a lot of focus. You’ll need to have your finger firmly on the pulse if you’re going to keep up with the competition.

8. Variety of tasks

 In one hour, a marketer might take a client call, update a campaign, send out an email, and make a sales pitch. Similar to number 7, you’ll enjoy marketing if you like the kind of variation in tasks described above. 


9. People-oriented

 There may be some marketing roles suited to introverts, but for the most part, marketing involves a lot of interaction with team members and clients. If you love working with people, or can’t bear the thought of working alone in a secluded office, you’ll really enjoy this aspect of the marketing career.


10. Highly flexible

This advantage applies mostly to when you’re further up the totem pole, as when you’re just starting out, you’ll have to play by the rules of whoever is employing you. However, once you have built yourself up in your desired niche, you’ll be sought after enough to be able to set your own hours, work from home if you wish, and set your salary as you deem appropriate.


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