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Thousands of creative leaders manage their agencies with Workamajig.

Solutions for In-House Creative Teams

Fortune 500 marketing departments run on Workamajig.

Project Management

All-in-one marketing project management software for creative agencies & in-house teams

Resource Management

Marketing resource & traffic management tool schedules, tracks & assigns tasks all in one place

Task Management

Track time & tasks for more transparency, more billable hours & keep projects right on schedule

Business Intelligence

Get real time insight on cash flow, budgeting & forecast revenue with custom reports

Finance & Accounting

Fully integrated accounting and financial reporting tools make billing & invoicing a breeze

Sales CRM

Capture new business opportunities & potential revenue with easy to use CRM for marketing

IT & Security

Workamajig is secure, compliant and ready to integrate.


Our pricing plans include all features for everyone, from small agencies to large corporations

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Get fully customized pricing and features for your team of 100+ Users

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Workamajig for In-House Teams

Everything in-house creative teams need in one place

Join the creative teams at companies like Toyota and Hallmark who use Workamajig, the best in creative project management software to easily manage your projects, resourcing, time tracking and more in one robust, fully integrated marketing software system.
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Learn why Workamajig works for creative teams

Streamline your team’s workflow

Say goodbye to endless back-and-forth for project requests, updates, and approvals with Workamajig’s flexible creative workflow.

Replace your patchwork of tools

Stop paying for a mish-mash of tools, that don’t talk to each other, and switch to a web-based, all-in-one creative project management platform instead.

Manage billing & chargebacks

Track time and budgets, charge back to other departments, and monitor finances and KPIs all within Workamajig.
Workamajig gets described as an ERP or enterprise project management system. We just think of it as the most comprehensive solution for project management for marketing teams in-house.

Communicate and collaborate in one online project management tool that does it all

Creative teams choose Workamajig so they can say goodbye to fragmented, flavor-of-the-month project management tools and finally get everything in one place – discussions, approval flows, briefs, tasks, calendars, reports, and more.

  • Intuitive interface works on any device, from any location.
  • Real-time dashboards provide deep insight into KPIs, projects, budgets, and expenses.



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Workamajig is easy to set up, easy to use, and easy to train new employees. You can jump in using everything or ease in using different applications. The training staff is great at answering questions, and they are very helpful in getting set up, and walking you through various changes as your business changes and grows.
– Terri D.
Business Manager
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CP Project Request Forms

Centralize project intake and streamline approvals

Capture all the intake information you need upfront with Workamajig’s configurable project request portal. Users see minimum timeframes to help set expectations, and requests get automatically routed to the right person for approval.

  • Instant updates let those requesting work track project status.
  • Turn requests into active projects with a click using templates.

Stay focused & productive with just the information you need

Workamajig is purpose-built for creative teams, with functionality broken up by role. That means everyone gets their own dashboard with just the information — and functionality — they need.

  • Dashboards by role for project managers, resource managers, media, creatives, and more.
  • Staff know what they’re working on and can see project progress in real-time.
Real-time dashboards highlight real-time daily progress, reducing your need to micromanage and reminding employees of what they need to do to stay on target.
– Erica B
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Flexible project management customized for your creative workflow

Robust creative project management is Workamajig’s bread and butter. Track conversations, manage files, review and approve changes, monitor budgets... all within Workamajig.

  • Automatically generate schedules, resourcing and timelines for new projects with templates.
  • Any style, at any scale — go from to-dos & tasks to complex campaigns, with waterfall, Agile, and Kanban all supported.
Workamajig has changed how we run our business for the better. We are more efficient, we track everything, and we are able to communicate everything we do from department to department. Thank you to Workamajig and their amazing support team
– Tracy H.
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Keep workloads manageable and your team productive

Track deadlines, schedules, and resourcing all within Workamajig. See exactly who on your team is available, and protect them from getting overwhelmed and buried under unrealistic requests.

  • Manage multiple teams with multiple tasks and deadlines.
  • Real-time visibility into who is working on what, and what’s due when.
  • Accurately forecast demand and plan ahead for peak times.
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Track time and manage tasks, to-dos, and calendars

Collaborate in Workamajig, and say goodbye to constant context switching between multiple apps. Instead, stay on track with a sophisticated, yet simple to use task management system. See time allocated and due dates, and track events all in a unified calendar.

  • Share documents and files and keep them all in one place.
  • Improve future estimates with easy-to-use time tracking.
It is very easy to track your time. It's obvious when you've reached your allotted time on a project. As a result, designers are more conscious of their time spent on particular tasks.
– Annie K.
Senior Designer
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Knowledgeable support and training from day one

Workamajig’s stellar support starts with implementation and training, but it doesn’t stop there. We also guide you on implementing the “Workamajig Way” — best practices that ensure you get the most out of Workamajig and your team.

  • A dedicated account manager and training partner helps you grow into the platform and listens to your feedback.
  • Email, phone, and chat support is available during extended business hours.
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Their support team is the best. Very fast and helpful. Had a great experience with them and for sure will be using their skills. Amazing team!
– Giovanna S
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Stop struggling with multiple apps & manual processes.
Switch to Workamajig.

Manage project requests with ease. Establish a workflow that works. And keep your team happy, productive, and efficient.
Secure & IT-friendly with local installation available
Roll out single sign-on with LDAP and SAML2 support
Simple, per-user pricing scales as you grow
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