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Integrated software designed just for creative teams  streamlines processes & saves you money.

Agency Management Software

Seamless operations & collaboration plus complete business intelligence with real-time dashboards & financial reports.


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Project Management Software

Efficiently manage projects of any size from start to end, including resourcing, proofing, communications & more.

Powering the world's top agencies & creative teams 

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Scott Millen, Managing partner & creative principal, 2 Fish Company

The joy of Workamajig is that I get to efficiently manage my day without spending all of my time in spreadsheets.

I have all of my projects laid out and prioritized and I know exactly how much time I need to spend on each. That’s amazing!

Lisa King, CFO/Vice president, Spawn Ideas

From the very beginning, we realized what Workamajig was providing us, and the level of control that information gave our client service teams, and we leveraged our use of it for bragging purposes because it was an awesome change. 

Integrate your most important data to make growth & analysis simple. 

Plus, get built-in communication & collaboration for the entire team


Sales & CRM

Capture new opportunities, schedule follow-ups, & instantly generate projects with our CRM marketing software, built just for creative agencies.


Project Management

Create, estimate, schedule and deliver better-organized projects, faster, with a complete suite of marketing project management tools.


Resourcing & Traffic

Our marketing resource management tool allows you to schedule, plan and assign work across teams, departments, and offices.


Task & Time Tracking

Creatives are the core of your agency. Keep projects profitable and on schedule with easy-to-use integrated time tracking & task management. 

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Finance & Accounting

Improve margins with better reporting, accurate invoicing, & detailed expense tracking. Our billing, purchasing & accounting works the way agencies do.

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Business Intelligence

Make informed, smart decisions. Connect projects to profits on a team, office, or global scale and run your agency on hard data, not best guesses.

**Special Offer**

Get all the bells & whistles.  

Plus, completely personalized onboarding & support.

Just for PRSA Agencies, we've got a special offer. Join Workamajig & get a free ticket to any Bootcamp event in your first year, a value of $1395.

Workamajig Bootcamps are in-person events focused on one core topic (project management or agency financials) that allow you to meet & network with support staff & other Workamajig users while learning how to implement best practices & completely optimized workflows for your agency.


Why choose Workamajig? 

Watch our customers share firsthand why they chose Workamajig & how it helps them solve problems & get more done every day.

  • Increased profitability
  • Smarter business insights
  • Tools that speak to each other
  • Efficient - and effective - workflows


Over a decade of powering profitable agencies

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