Evolve Services



The Evolve program is designed for agencies that want to improve their process and systems without the disruptions that are typically associated with changing everything at once. The agency that selects the Evolve program understands the benefits of implementing small changes every month, leaving time for the agency to assimilate to each new process / system change along the way.


Evolve is a comprehensive approach to improving almost every aspect of running your agency. Your agency will select a core internal team representing each department. A dedicated Workamajig consultant will guide your agency to evolve through a combination of product and best practices training. You will also be assigned a Workamajig product trainer to train your team on the initial financial foundation phase of the Evolve program. 

The first step is to lay the proper foundation by implementing the financial portions of the Workamajig. The financial foundation includes the setup of the General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Job Estimating, Job Costing, and Time-Entry portions of Workamajig.  When this initial phase is completed, your agency will be able to manage its accounting, estimate jobs, track time, track project costs, manage budgets, and bill your clients.

Your team will participate in a 1-hour consulting/training session each month after the financial foundation implementation is complete.  The monthly sessions will be a combination of consulting and product training.  Unlike the Traditional implementation approach, Evolve training sessions may include as many people from your agency as is appropriate for the session. For example, if the training session will cover project estimating, you may choose to invite your account manager and project manager teams to the session.


Your Agency will go live with the financial foundation functionality in 6 weeks. Some of the factors that may affect this schedule include availability of your staff, not using the standard templates provided, willingness to follow best practices, and completing homework.

The goal of the Evolve approach is continuous improvement at a pace that is easily digestible. Therefore, there is no end date. Your Workamajig Consultant will continue to provide monthly training and guidance sessions - and your agency will continue to improve - as long as you subscribe to Workamajig.