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July 2023

P of the month?  Processes!

Getting rid of gripes and getting to grips with PRFs  

This time, we’ll be talking PRFs, AKA Project Request Forms.
You might remember these guys from the weekly blog emails↓

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Hopefully, you don’t deal with clients like this too often, but having a smooth project intake process will help you deal with this kind of thing, plus:

  • Save you time with a standardized process

  • Help you get your resources on track in advance

  • Generate effective communication between stakeholders

Understand how to create a well-oiled PRF process in our new blog:
Project Request Form & Approval Process + Examples & Template 

Click here to discover how to do project intake forms the Workamajig way.


👩‍⚖️ Experts Speak

Initiate your projects efficiently and consistently today!

A highly-underrated factor of a project’s quality is the team’s ability to achieve clarity and alignment in any and all stages of the campaign. A project request form puts a project on the track to success from the get-go.

As Adam McCoy, a senior Workamajig consultant shares:
“Ensure project success with the Workamajig Project Request Form. This customizable document streamlines communication, tracking, and approval of project requests. Our dedicated team is here to support you and can provide a thorough form review.

Contact us at or call for a free consultation."

News and Updates

Our new scholarship contest is now live!

The Workamajig Generative AI + Human Design Scholarship Contest is challenging applicants to demonstrate their creative vision and skills in tandem with Generative AI design technology.

Click here to find out how to win!

📣 Calling all Design Experts: Join Us as a Judge for our Unique Scholarship Contest!

We'd like to invite your agency to be a judge for one of the most unique scholarship contests in the country supporting the future of digital creative industries. 

If this sounds like something you're interested in, let us know at


Client Showcase

Danielle Rauser is the Senior VP of Revenue Operations at Ruffalo Noel Levitz at Cedar Rapids, Iowa - an agency with close to 2,000 employees focusing on fundraising and higher education marketing.

Before Workamajig, Danielle faced the challenge of ensuring that information flowed smoothly from one system to another as well as having visibility into where projects were getting stuck. 

“Since we adopted Workamajig as our source of truth two years ago, we’ve overcome these issues.”

Danielle’s company now successfully tracks not only tasks and staff, but project management as a whole. 

“We can see where we are with a project and where our bottlenecks are.”

Danielle found the fact that Workamajig is built for agencies incredibly helpful as they transitioned into using the system - Workamajig speaks straight to their creative and digital folks.

Before Workamajig, we thought we were being efficient - Danielle

Feature Releases

Remember the 2-factor authentication code we told you about last month? It’s a new sign-in feature for Workamajig users to help keep data more secure.

We wanted to give you a heads-up that this is still in limited beta and there is room for a few more candidates.

Please contact if you’d like this set up.


Until next month,

Esther from Workamajig [: ]

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  • Process: workflows & operations - ya know, the day-to-day stuff

  • Projects: ‘nuff said

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  • Profits: the part that keeps us all in business ;)

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