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  • Process: workflows & operations - ya know, the day-to-day stuff

  • Projects: ‘nuff said

  • People: think resource management, employee retention, customer service

  • Profits: the part that keeps us all in business ;)

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Profit and Project Scope (August 23)

We all know that projects have a tendency to run over time, over scope, and therefore over budget. But what if you could nip the problem in the bud by having a process that completely eliminates scope creep?

Hear tips from our experts in the industry:
- David C. Baker "Think of scope creep, first, as a lack of information. And to solve that particular problem, you need more information."
- J. Mark Riggs of Pemberton: "Agencies must write defensible scopes of work and be able to defend those scopes."

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The Joys of Smooth-Sailing PRFs (July 23)

of the month? Processes!

This time, we’ll be talking PRFs, AKA Project Request Forms.

Having a smooth project intake process will help you deal with this kind of thing, plus:

  • Save you time with a standardized process
  • Help you get your resources on track in advance
  • Generate effective communication between stakeholders.

Understand how to create a well-oiled PRF process in our new blog: Project Request Form & Approval Process + Examples & Template 

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Forecasting for Profit  (June 23)

It’s back to Profit folks!

‘The profitability of your agency and the happiness of your team is dependent on effective resource forecasting.’

Read Why Resource Forecasting in Project Management is Important to get a firm handle on:

  • The repercussions of good or bad forecasting
  • How to resource forecast like a pro

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Marketing Project Management A-Z  (May 23)

Zeroing in on people, the focus for this month is being a good team leader and manager.
For all the details on resource planning, zone into this highly current and relevant blog:  Resource Planning for Project Management: The 2023 Guide

Kimberly Fulwood (Workamajig consultant) helps businesses grow and move into the future.
Find out why holding people accountable for their work is actually a very healthy practice, by reading her blog, here.

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Marketing Project Management A-Z  (Apr 23)

At Workamajig, we’ve created an A-Z guide on this topic.
Click here to learn how to run your marketing project management the A+ way.

This month, we're kicking off with some wise words from our very own Penny Kooy, who's been with Workamajig for over 14 years!
"Using Workamajig to manage your marketing campaigns can provide excellent visibility while having a profound and positive impact on your agency..."

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The Upward Trajectory of Effective Communication (Mar 23)

Karl Sakas - an agency management consultant with 3 books and a whole lot of experience under his belt - has written us a superb guest blog, entitled, Unlock Agency Growth With Better Communication

Once you’ve had your booster jab on how critical communication is, we’ve got a fantastic blog on how to put it all into action with a communication plan.

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Unique Challenges of That Very First Experienced Hire (Feb 23)

Your first experienced hire can be daunting, often because your expectations are so high.  There are a few things you should watch out for during this process to give this new employee the greatest chance at success. 

David C. Baker, expert marketer and Workamajig consultant knows what it’s like to hire someone experienced for the first time and shares his words of wisdom.

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To WIP or not to WIP?  That is the question. (Jan 23)

If there’s a proverbial elephant in an agency's room, it’s WIP.  Work In Progress always exists, the only question is, do you ignore it or do you grab it by the trunk?

But Vince says ‘you should NOT be very afraid of WIP’, and here’s why.

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2022 Wrap-up (Dec 22)

We know that most of us have one foot out the door for the holiday season, so we’ll keep this one short & sweet. 

When it comes to business processes,  which trends are lasting, and which are but a fleeting phase?

View all of Workamajig's events and accomplishments of 2022.

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Profit is the name of the game (Nov 22)

At the end of the day, profit rules the ‘four P’s’, because, without profit, your processes, people, and projects aren’t sustainable.

In this newsletter, we focus on utilization rates - what they are & and how they affect your profits.

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All about Project Calendars (Oct 22)

From the outside looking in, managing projects seem like pure pandemonium, but successful agencies know better — there’s a method to the madness, especially in the core areas of project management, a.k.a the 4 Ps (process, profit, people, projects).

When it comes to Projects, only well-designed calendars and schedules can bring the order and accountability required to deliver top-notch creative work on time and within budget.

And we’ve got the top tips and tricks to help you tame the chaos of project management!

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All about Client Communication (Sep 22)

So how do you go about simplifying your work life across these four core areas?

That’s what our newsletter 4Ps and a Podcast is for.

This September, we’re focusing on People, particularly on what you can do to establish effective client communication.

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