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How to Get Agency Management Software in Your 2017 Budget

December 21, 2016    |     by Rod Ripley     |     Agency Management     
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What’s on your wish list for 2017? If you’re looking for ways to justify agency management software, it might be easier than you think. In fact, by using agency management software correctly, you’d be able to recoup the expense of the software, and then some, before the end of the year.

Still not convinced? Or perhaps your boss needs more encouragement than just “It’ll pay for itself!” Here are a few areas that you’ll be able to see distinct improvements in efficiency that will be a no-brainer for anyone who sees the bottom line as the only line.

Time Tracking

When you first set out on a project, you define the anticipated number of hours that your team will spend on the tasks and deliverables. As the project progresses, it’s nice to be able to review the amount of time that everyone has actually spent on the project. Having built-in functionality for time tracking is a huge benefit when using agency management software.

You can see which employee was spending the most time per task and which task was taking up the majority of the team’s attention. You can also get an overview of the time billed for the entire project. With these metrics, you can give your team a chance to gain some accountability on the project. Your team can also compare the projects that it is working on with others throughout the agency.

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Resource Management

Working right alongside time tracking, you have resource management. This is an incredibly important aspect of agency management software that will help you squeeze another few percentage points of efficiency from your team. It also can help you determine if your staff is overstretched or needs more work.

Resource management involves more than just a free/busy status for your creatives. It shows how each member of the staff is being used and what sort of utilization level each staff member is currently experiencing. If you feel like you need to add more staff to take care of the current project workload, it’s good to take a close look at the resource utilization numbers for the entire staff. You might find that the staff is being used inefficiently and all that it takes is some coordination between the project managers to have a fully efficient staff.

Revenue Forecasting

Finally, revenue forecasting can help you determine what changes may need to be made in the coming months. While it’s ideal that your agency won’t need to make any changes to the standard operating procedure, with forecasting, you can pinpoint any areas that need work. Specifically, if you’re looking to add more staff to your creative teams. Using agency management software to produce a robust revenue forecast allows you to determine what your expected revenue will be for the next few quarters. Then, you can determine if adding staff is feasible and if the added staff would increase your revenue numbers further.

Of course, these areas all rely on having an agency management software platform that gives you freedom to use them to their full potential.

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