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February 28, 2024
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In the following blog, we’ve whittled down the various reports that agencies use into the most important and relevant ones for you to know. All these reports can be run easily through Workamajig - the only project management software designed especially for creative teams.

Project Budget Analysis Report

The project budget analysis report provides the ability to compare budget vs actuals for multiple projects at one time. Though designed to give an overall comparison against all time of the project, selecting a date range will provide information regarding transactions within the selected range. 

Project Profitability Report

The Project Profitability report provides the Profit and Loss at a project level. This can be viewed on the Project Dashboard and reviewed immediately, without having to run a separate report. It provides real-time profitability.

Time Productivity Analysis Report

This report focuses on the Utilization of your employees. It measures the Actual Hours, Gross Billable Amount, and User Cost spent on Billable work vs. Non-Billable work.

Billable Summary - Hours/Dollars Reports

This report focuses on the Billable Efficiency of your Employees. While it may seem similar to the Time Productivity Analysis Report, this report adds in the comparative measurement of Labor Budgets (i.e.Yearly and Monthly Targets for Hours and Costs).

Revenue Forecast

Revenue Forecast helps your agency to see the anticipated revenue for the next 12 months. It allows your business to better budget for the coming year. It also allows you to see trends in your business and where your business may need to increase its sales when anticipated revenue is lower for upcoming months.

Project Recap Analysis

This is a project performance-based report to see how your projects did after completion. It tracks budget hours vs actual hours, along with baseline (or plan) dates vs actual completion dates.

Staff Schedule

The staff schedule is designed to show your available resources based on task dates & allocated hours. At a glance, this screen can be used to get an idea of how busy everyone is & let you determine if you need to move around some resources.


Take custom reports to the next level with visual charts and graphs. This feature allows you to create a colorful and visual spin on your comparative data. See trends using the Line type, or size comparison using the Pie type, plus much more.

Items Needing Attention

The Items Needing Attention section of our Today Accounting page provides visibility to transactions that may not yet be approved or posted. Those transactions have not yet been posted to your general ledger. This view will help in verifying that your Aging reports are balanced daily without having to run reports for verification. It provides real-time updates when those accounts may be out of balance.

AP Aging

Shows all accounts payable aging with amount open and days old.

Accrued Order Detail

Help your team keep track of incurred expenses and orders that are still awaiting vendor invoices.

Project Screen

Setup columns that allow your team to quickly see an overview of budget vs actual and timing of all current projects

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