Project Intake Form Explained + Free Template and Examples

March 7, 2023
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What is a project intake form?

A project intake form is a document that a client or member of a different department within a company fills out to inform the marketing team of their project needs. The request form includes questions like what the project objective is, who the stakeholders are, the budget, and the date the project is required. Once submitted, the marketing department will review the intake form and decide whether or not to accept the project request. If accepted, they will make contact with the client and move on to the next stage of their project setup and planning.


What are the benefits of using a project intake form?

  • Improves organization: When project requests are neatly and precisely filed through the intake forms, it’s easy to select relevant projects and resource forecasts more effectively.
  • Gathers the information you need: The idea of a marketing intake form is to answer all relevant questions so you can decide if it’s worth investing time in a project. It also ensures you have all the information you need in one place.

  • Helps you handle workload better: Having a project request intake form as part of your process allows you to keep track of your team's projected workload. You can see what they’re currently working on and what’s in the pipeline, so you can adequately plan for the necessary resource coverage.

  • Saves time: Instead of going back and forth, trying to figure out what exactly the person requesting the project needs, a project intake form provides you with all your answers up front.

  • Improves communication: People will be just as glad as you to have all the details of their requests neatly centralized, as there is little room for misunderstanding when a project intake form is done right.

  • Enhances quality of work: When your team knows what is required of them and they have a project intake form and specification details to refer back to, the quality of work produced will be in line with what the project requester originally wanted.

What should be included in the marketing client intake form?

  • The name of the person requesting the project: Who the main person behind this project is, as well as any relevant stakeholders?

  • Contact information: This can include a phone number and email address.

  • Type of project: Is this a website, an ad campaign, a print ad, a re-brand, email/social media campaign?

  • Project goal: What would this client like to see from this project? It could be a monetary increase, an increase in brand awareness, or something else. 

  • Target audience: Whom are they aiming to attract with this project?

  • Project deadline: When does the project need to be completed and is this negotiable?

  • Project budget: What is the estimated budget for this project? You need at least a ballpark figure to decide if this is something you can invest in.

  • Anything else we should know: This space is for people to let you know about any other important information that wasn't relevant to any of the other project intake form questions.

Project intake form template

Let’s take a look at a sample project intake form.

Also, for your convenience, we have created a free project intake form template in Google Doc version, as well as PDF.


This template can be copied and pasted to be used as a project intake form word document.


Name: ______________________________

Contact Information

Phone number:  ______________________

Email: _______________________________

Project type:

Please provide details of the type of project you are requesting.


What is the objective of this project, i.e. what results would you like to see?


Who is the target audience for this project?


What date would you ideally like this project completed?

_ _/_ _/_ _

What is the approximate budget for this project?


Is there anything else you would like us to know?




Project Intake Form Example

Below is an example of a filled-out project intake form using the same template as above.


project intake form image


How can Workamjig help you with your project intake form?

Workamjig allows agencies to run seamless operations and processes, using one integrated project management tool. When attempting to create a project request process, Workamjig will help you streak ahead with minimum effort on your part. 

Project intake forms that work for you

  • Customizable intake forms help gather the exact information you need right from the start. 
  • Add all the fields you need, include spec sheets & customize your notification preferences.

Free & unlimited client logins

  • Free client logins let clients request projects & track status updates such as approvals, rejections & resubmission requests.
  • Make things easier for you and your clients. Win-win!

Set up approved projects in seconds

  • Project requests flow seamlessly into full projects, retaining all specs, notes & history so nothing gets lost.
  • Your team will have everything they need to hit the ground running.

Centralized project communication

  • Enjoy a single source of truth with all project communications in one location, making your job smoother than ever.

Collaboration done right

  • Internal users can add comments & to-dos with built-in file review & deliverable tools.
  • And, of course, external users can review their project files & leave feedback in-app. No paid seats are needed.

Say goodbye to manual reporting

  • Eliminate the need for complex, manual data gathering & report building with standardized & custom reports that pull in the data for you.

Get your act together with Workamajig

  • Keep track of all projects coming in
  • Ensure projects are submitted on time
  • Streamline your workflows & processes
  • Satisfy your clients


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