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Agency Advisor is an Arizona-based firm, that has focused on the needs of creative firms for almost twenty years.

Agency ADvisor provides tools, resources and expert advice to help agencies become more efficient and more profitable. Since 2001, Agency ADvisor (formerly CSB Consulting) has provided expert Workamajig implementation guidance to over 150 agencies and in-house creative firms across the United States and Canada.

Our primary business focus at Agency ADvisor is Process and Workflow Efficiency/Agency Management Consulting and Coaching. The first step in becoming a more efficient and profitable shop is your foundation, your Workamajig system. We believe that all agencies are unique. That is why all of our Workamajig implementations are customized to fit each client’s needs with one common goal in mind; to ensure a successful implementation with the least amount of disruption to your daily workflow and without smothering your Creativity!

Our focus and hands-on approach has proven successful in managing the changes that each employee faces with a new system and will guide you to a new level of efficiency, eliminate redundancies and increased profitability. The end result will be more jobs completed on time, on scope and on budget along with better resource forecasting and staff allocation leading to higher profitability.

Our Workamajig expert, Connie Burtcheard, has over 20 years experience in the Advertising Industry including being an agency owner herself. Having worked onsite with over 600 agencies and in-house studios, her ‘Best Practices’ sharing proves vital to any company implementing a new system.

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