The 20 Must Attend Marketing Conferences For Agencies In 2024

March 1, 2023
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Meet new people, learn new things, spot new business opportunities - what’s not to like about marketing conferences?

The problem is that not all conferences are created equal. Nor do all of them cater to agencies and marketers.

This is why we’ve put together this comprehensive list of the world’s top marketing conferences in 2024. All the events listed here focus (either directly or indirectly) on agencies and the people who work in them - creatives, marketers, and managers.

To make it even easier to stay on top of your favorite events, we’ve also created a printable calendar. Grab your copy below and print it out so you never miss an event again.

Grab your FREE copy of our printable marketing events calendar so you never miss an important event again. Click here to download your PDF.

The conference industry is booming.

Every month, there are a handful of marketing-focused events around the country. These can range from glitzy, 50,000-attendee-strong extravaganzas to intimate 500-person workshops.

What kind of event you choose to attend will depend on what you hope to get out of the experience. The kind of broad exposure you can get at SXSW or Adobe Summit can’t be matched by a small-scale event.

At the same time, your learning will be richer, deeper, and more intimate at smaller events.

To help you out, we’ve included both small and large-scale events in this list. Everything is organized by month to make navigation easier.

Do note that in the case of some conferences, the exact event dates haven’t been announced yet, so we have to go by their dates from last year.

A note about prices: Unless otherwise specified, the event registration prices mentioned below are for a comprehensive pass (or all-access pass) paid at a regular (not early bird) rate. The prices are indicative only; the conference can change them at their discretion.




Location: Austin, TX

Dates: March 8 -16

Pricing: $1,990 for an all-access pass

Focus: Content creation and technology


As an event, SXSW needs no introduction. One of the largest events of its kind, SXSW brings together musicians, filmmakers, technologists, and creatives across industries in a weeklong celebration of creativity and culture.

While not an obvious fit for agencies, attending SXSW should still be on your agenda in 2024. The networking opportunities are great, but you’ll also get to know what’s happening on the cutting edge of creativity.


2. Win Without Pitching Miami Workshop

Location: Online

Dates: March 18-21

Pricing: $2,795 for an all-access pass

Focus: Agency owners


How exactly do you win clients without any pitching?

That’s exactly what this conference aims to answer.

Focusing exclusively on agency leaders, this event brings together successful agency owners and veterans to share strategies and insight to win new business. Highly focused and intensive, this hands-on workshop will teach you actionable tactics to start getting valuable clients without the lengthy task of pitching and RFPs.



3. Adobe Summit

Location: Las Vegas or online

Dates: March 26-28

Pricing: $2,095 until March 28 for a regular pass. The online pass is free.

Focus: Marketers, creatives, and agencies


As an agency, Adobe sits at the heart of your creative operations. New entrants have tried wrangling away its crown, but Adobe’s creative suite remains the default toolkit for working with images, illustrations, and videos.

So you can imagine that Adobe’s flagship event, the Adobe Summit, would be a massive event.

2024’s edition promises to be no different. With sessions from heavy hitters, it’s the go-to event for agencies and creatives looking to play in the big leagues.


4. Digital Summit: DC

Location and Dates: 

  • Orlando, FL - February 26-27
  • Las Vegas, NV - March 13-14
  • Chicago, IL - April 3-4
  • Kansas City, MO - May 15-16
  • Denver, CO - June 10-11
  • Minneapolis, MN - August 14-15

Pricing: $495 besides the Minneapolis conference, which costs $395.

Focus: Digital Marketing

Website runs some of the best-attended conferences on digital marketing in the US and brings together some of the best marketing brains from around the country.

The 2024 edition promises to feature a long lineup of industry thought leaders and visionaries, with different speakers attending different conferences.


5. AMI Build a Better Agency Summit

Workamajig is a proud AMI sponsor!


March 2024:

Money Matters – March 12 & 13 in Denver, CO 

Advanced AE Bootcamp – March 21 & 22 in Denver, CO 


April 2024:

Running Your Agency for Growth and Profit (and a little sanity) – April 11 & 12 in Denver, CO 

Sell Your Agency Without Regrets  – April 23 – virtual workshop AE Bootcamp – April 25 & 26 in Denver, CO 


June 2024:

Selling with Strategic Insights – June 24 & 25 in Denver, CO with Mercer Island Group 


September 2024:

Advanced AE Bootcamp – September 17 & 18 in Denver, CO 

Money Matters – September 19 & 20 in Denver, CO 


October 2024:

Build And Nurture Your Agency’s Sales Funnel – October 8 & 9 in Denver, CO 

Getting it Write! Proposals that Win! – October 14 & 15 in Denver, CO 

AE Bootcamp – October 17 & 18 in Denver, CO Location: Chicago, IL


May 2024:

Dates: May 15 - 17

Pricing: AMI Members $1,795, non-members $1,995

Focus: Agency owners


The AMI BABA events aim to educate agency owners on how to work smarter, not harder. You’ll learn best practices in operations, finance, biz dev, and more.



1. Social Media Week

Location: Queens, NY

Dates: April 9-11

Pricing: $1,039 early-bird, all-access pass.

Focus: Social media marketers


One of the most popular social media marketing conferences in 2023, Social Media Week is a premier marketing and media event. The 2024 edition will feature sessions from Najoh Tita-Reid (CMO of Logitech), Sarita Nauth (Social media strategist and Beauty Influencer at VH1), and Tiffany Kelly (CEO at Curastory). All in all, a great fit for agencies and marketers looking to dig into the nitty-gritty of social media.

2. Amin

Workamajig is a proud Amin sponsor!

Location: Louisville KY

Dates: April 14-17

Pricing: TBA

Focus: Marketing


The Amin Integrated Conference promises a whole lot of fun combined with some of the best minds and speakers in the industry.


3. MAGNET Summit

Workamajig is a proud MAGNET sponsor!

Location: Nashville, Tennessee

Dates: April 17-19

Pricing: TBA

Focus: Networking


Join the Magnet Summit for 3 days of sharing the latest business developments, inspiring new ideas, and hearing from inspirational presenters from both inside and outside the MAGNET organization.


1. DigiMarCon Midwest

Location: Chicago, IL

Dates: May 22-23

Pricing: $931.98 for a standard ticket

Focus: Digital Marketing


This two-day event features a mix of networking, speaking, and masterclass sessions that focus entirely on digital marketing. One of the more popular events in the midwest, the 2024 edition features experts from some of the world’s top brands, including LinkedIn, TikTok, and Amazon.


2. Owner Summit

Location: New Orleans, LA

Dates: May 22

Pricing: $931.98

Focus: Agency owners


This intimate event in New Orleans is designed for agency owners (and would-be owners) to network, learn, and grow. Great for small agencies who need help with strategy and positioning.



Location: Boston, Massachusetts r

Dates: May 20-23

Pricing: $1,899 

Focus: AI


IBM’s annual conference is, as you can imagine, an extravagant affair. While it doesn’t focus exclusively on marketing or the agency business, its sheer scale has lots to offer for agency principals and marketers. Besides the obvious networking opportunities, the 2024 edition also has lots of focus on topics that should interest any future-ready agency, such as  Hybrid cloud, data, automation, AI, security, sustainability, and what’s next in computing.


 4. AMI Build a Better Agency Summit

Workamajig is a proud AMI sponsor!

Location: Denver

Dates: May 20-22

Pricing: Early bird, non-members $2395, members $2195

Focus: Agency management


The AMI BABA events aim to educate agency owners on how to work smarter, not harder. You’ll learn best practices in operations, finance, biz dev, and more.


5. Mirren Live

Workamajig is a proud Mirren sponsor!

Location: New York + Virtual

Dates: May 7-8

Pricing: $1790

Focus: Agency growth


Knowing what lies ahead for the agency industry is half the battle towards success, and the Mirren conference promises to clue you in to have innovators from in and outside the industry revealing what lies ahead for the marketing industry. Learn how to use the latest technology - and AI - to streamline it all by attending this conference.



1. 4A Management Practitioners Forum

Location: Chicago, IL

Dates: June 5-6

Pricing: $1,350

Focus: Agency owners and senior marketing managers


Organized by 4A, this event focuses on helping agency marketers, principals and consultants hone their skills and network with a peer group. 4A dubs it a “forum”, not a conference. The agenda, consequently, fits the smaller scale with more focused discussions and insights.


2. VidCon

Location: Anaheim, CA

Dates: June 26-29

Pricing: Passes range between $145-$849

Focus: Video Marketing


With its focus on video marketing and speaker lineup filled with YouTubers, this might not be the usual marketing conference. However, if you want to understand video, YouTube, and its Millennial and Gen-Z audience, this event is great. You might not walk away with the latest in video marketing technology, but you’ll get a better appreciation for content creation, especially in the video domain.


3. Amin Global Conference 

Workamajig is a proud Amin sponsor!

Location: San Francisco

Dates: June 23-26

Pricing: TBA

Focus: Marketing


Amin Global Conference promises the Summer of Illumination…keep tabs on their website for further details!



1. MozCon

Location: Seattle, WA

Dates: August 7 - 8

Pricing: $999 for an early bird, all-access pass

Focus: Search Marketing


This popular annual conference by Moz focuses on search marketing. Over two days, you’ll get to deep dive into SEO and SEM, picking apart advanced organic search tactics and learning from the industry’s top thought leaders, thanks to Moz’s reputation in the SEO world. Star speakers this year include Amanda Jordan (Director of Digital Strategy, RicketyRoo) and Andi Jarvis (Strategy Director, Eximo Marketing).



1. SMX West

Location: SMX, Pullman Berlin Schweizerhof

Dates: September 10-11 

Pricing: 1,295 euros for an early bird, all-access pass. The offer ends on Friday 31 May, 2024.

Focus: SEM & SEO


MarketingLand’s premier West Coast event, SMX West has been a fixture on the marketing conference circuit for years. The conference will be spread over two days and will feature speaking sessions as well as interactive workshops.

Rather than superstar speakers, SMX usually features speakers with hands-on experience. This makes it a great event for anyone who wants to master SEO & SEM, within or outside an agency setting.


2. Inbound

Location: Boston, MA

Dates: September 18-20

Pricing: $899 for a tier 2 pass

Focus: Inbound Marketing


Organized by HubSpot, INBOUND is one of the biggest marketing conferences around, and certainly the largest when it comes to inbound marketing. If you work in inbound marketing, this is about as close as you can get to a “must-attend” conference in 2023.


3. PubCon Florida

Location: San Diego, CA

Dates: September 12-14 

Pricing: $895 for a super early bird all-access pass

Focus: Digital marketers and agencies


Formerly owned and operated by, this conference still maintains the same theme: cutting-edge digital marketing. 2023’s edition features speaking sessions from experts from Microsoft Bing and Google

A great fit for agencies and marketers looking for hands-on, actionable training.


4. Dreamforce

Location: San Francisco, US

Dates: September 17-19

Pricing: NA

Focus: Sales, marketing, and leadership


At this point, it’s safe to say that Dreamforce is the biggest business event in the world. It’s grown bigger than its original sales-focused roots and now attracts interest from top leaders across the globe.

You can expect the 2024 edition to be impressive. Even though it’s not agency-focused, anyone looking for insight and top-shelf networking should attend Dreamforce.


5. Content Marketing World Conference and Expo

Location: Washington, DC

Dates: September 27-28

Pricing: All-access, early bird at $12,999

Focus: Content marketing


Content Marketing Institute’s annual conference is one of the top gatherings of the best brains in content marketing. Content creators, agencies, and marketers flock to it each year to discover the latest in content and marketing.

Lined up for 2023 are speakers like Jay Acunzo, Jessica Bergmann, Bonin Bough, and Tequia Burt.


6. Marketing AI Conference (MAICON)

Location: Cleveland, OH

Dates: September 10-12

Pricing: $1,899 for an early bird, all-access pass

Focus: Marketing technology and artificial intelligence


This relatively new entrant to the marketing conference circuit focuses exclusively on artificial intelligence (AI) and its many applications in marketing technology. This is an entirely new domain but offers substantial benefits for early adopters. As an agency, it would be worth a stop just to understand what’s happening on the cutting edge of marketing technology.



1. PRSA - Public Relation Society of America

Location: Anaheim, Calif

Dates: October 15-17

Pricing: $1,695

Focus: Public Relations


Get together with the communications industry to share professional development sessions and networking opportunities.


2. Taan Worldwide


Workamajig is a proud Taan sponsor!

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Dates: October 16-19

Pricing: To be updated

Focus: To be updated



1. MarketingProfs B2B Forum


Workamajig is a proud PRSA sponsor!

Location: Boston MA

Dates: November 12-14

Pricing: All-access early bird passes at $1,895

Focus: B2B marketing


As a B2B marketer, you’re likely already familiar with MarketingProfs.

One of the most fabulous b2b marketing conferences in 2024, this forum is MarketingProfs’ flagship B2B-focused event. It covers every aspect of demand generation, including features from Pam Didner , Kenda MacDonald, Andy Crestodina, and Jay Acunzo..



There are few better ways to immerse yourself in a topic, pick up a new skill, or learn from the very best in the world than a conference, summit, or workshop. The networking opportunities aren’t half bad either!

Use this list to plan your 2024 conference schedule. 

Grab your FREE copy of our printable marketing events calendar so you never miss an important event again. Click here to download your PDF.



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