The Top 7 Marketing Resource Management Software Features You Need

February 22, 2023
2 minute read

As the ABC of a successful marketing team or creative agency, marketing resource management, also known as MRM, is a primary focus for any marketing resource manager.

In this blog, I’m going to list the 7 most important resource management features and show how each one can save you a whole lot of time and money. 

Ready for some neat tips? Here goes!

1. Scheduling Tool

Imagine how much time would be saved and how many worries diffused if you could just see where all your staff were up to on one, neat screen. No more last-minute assignments, no more mad scrambles to meet project deadlines because a key team member has the flu. None of that. Just a laser-clear staff schedule that allows you to assign the right work to the right people and solve oncoming problems far in advance. Workamajig’s staff scheduling tool does all that and more. 



2. Beautiful Interface with COLOR-CODED Views

When you’re trying to plan an optimum schedule, you want an optimum tool that is easy on the eye and pleasant to deal with. Workamajig’s color-coded views factor in vacations, company holidays, and overbooked schedules, showing you exactly where you need to focus.


3. Effective Task Assignment

A well-managed team is a happy team. When settling on resource marketing software, be on the lookout for a tool that will enable you to see what’s needed and who has availability, all in one place. That way, you won’t have team members with too much on their plates, or - just as bad - too little. Best of all, you’ll be completing tasks as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

Workamajig's task management features allow you to see your creative’s daily schedule just like they do, and easily rebalance work wherever you see necessary.


4. Resource Forecasting

When a company reaches out to your agency, asking if you can do a project, how do you know if you can say yes? How can you know if you have the personnel and equipment available to complete this project by the client’s deadline?

Well, you can either guess and deal with the consequences if you guessed wrong. Or, you can invest in marketing management software that gives you the ability to do resource forecasting, allowing you to work on multiple projects at a time without missing a single deadline.

Workamajig does this by helping you plan proactively, not reactively - showing you real-life utilization, including meetings, vacations, company holidays, and job commitments. Moreover, you can choose to view workloads in the way that’s most effective for you; by office, department, role, service, or person.


5. Customizable Templates

Instead of starting from scratch with every new project, look for marketing agency software that includes ready-to-go templates, with typical resources needed for each project type. Templates save huge amounts of time.

Workamajig provides this, plus the option to customize your own templates. With a marketing resource management tool that does it right, templates can save you time and energy.


6. Real-time updates

Life in a creative agency is never at a standstill and rarely do projects remain status quo. This is why it’s super important to be aware not just of what happened yesterday, or even this morning, but know what’s going on right now. 

With Workamajig’s marketing resource management system, you don’t miss a beat. New tasks show up automatically on your creative’s daily task lists with full context, project changes are instantly updated, and any necessary change to resources is carried out automatically


7. Integration with project management

It’s one thing to have a resource management tool. It’s quite another to have resource management solutions that coordinate perfectly with your project management tools. When these two are in sync, the result is a project that is both well-resourced AND high-quality.

Workamajig has both resourcing and project management capabilities (amongst other features) and they’ve been designed to work in tandem to create optimal results for creative teams. 

To conclude! Resource management software is not worth skipping if you’re looking to successfully grow your agency. There are many tools out there, but when it comes to resource management software that was created specifically for creative teams, there’s only one of its kind, and it's called Workamajig. Up the pace and cut to the chase


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