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April 2023

This month, we're focusing on Projects, with an illuminating spotlight on Marketing Project Management. 

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Marketing Project Management A-Z

At Workamajig, we’ve created an A-Z guide on this topic, including:

  • 3 Marketing Communication Strategies
  • Benefits of Social Media Marketing
  • Building a Marketing Campaign Timeline
  • Marketing Project Management Tools
  • Marketing Project Plans 

Click here to learn how to run your marketing project management the A+ way.

To learn exactly how to navigate Workamajig’s Project Management page, click here to access the help guide.


👩‍⚖️ Experts Speak

Meet our new feature section showcasing expert opinions on the biggest topics in creative agency & project management.

This month, we're kicking off with some wise words from our very own Penny Kooy, who's been with Workamajig for over 14 years!

"Using Workamajig to manage your marketing campaigns can provide excellent visibility while having a profound and positive impact on your agency. Establishing a budget for the campaign and monitoring how all the various projects are utilizing it in real time makes a company proactive.

Tracking the profitability and specifics of the campaign, as well as the associated projects including but not limited to sharing files and conversations at all levels, is a real game changer. Not only will this ensure we are 'in the know' of all the different aspects of the campaign, but it will also instill confidence in our process as we can review it effectively and efficiently."

Currently using Workamajig? Reach out to to review your current workflows & make sure you're getting the most out of Workamajig!


Creative Marketing Statistics 

Key creative marketing statistics are important to know if you work in the creative industry and can benefit creative marketing professionals, agency leaders, business owners, and anyone interested in understanding consumer behavior and creative marketing trends. They can help shape your marketing strategy, for example, emphasizing the importance of increasing quality content to keep up with the competition, improving your organic search results to boost conversions and sales, or discovering that the average social media engagement rate isn't that far off your own.

This complete guide details digital agency trends, covering everything from agency salaries and employee utilization rates to the latest copywriting, design, SEO, and social media trends you need to know in 2023.

News and Updates

3 exciting events coming up in May!

Bootcamp logo

Project Management Bootcamp on May 1-2 - click here to register!


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We're sponsoring the PRSA conference- click to find out our special offer for attendees



We're also sponsoring the AMI BABA conference, also with a special offer for those who attend.  Click here to find out more!



Client Showcase

Heinrich Marketing, a Denver-based marketing agency, was using a very complicated system, which people did not want to use. But now, Julie Forbes recounts how:

‘Workamajig has solved our greatest challenges in that it’s really easy to use, you can slice and dice the info in a lot of different ways. It’s given us a project schedule that tells you what you need to do from start to finish, who’s supposed to do what, and how long it’s meant to take.’

‘The support is great, you can call and ask questions. It’s agency-specific and has all the bells and whistles the company was asking for. It has provided a one-stop-shop for the staff and just been really helpful.’

Feature Releases

Who gets to access your custom reports?

With this month's update, you can now allow access to people belonging to a specific security group, as well as individuals.

This feature adds a layer of security to Workamajig’s reporting capabilities, as well as streamlines your reporting so that they only get to the people who need to know about them.

To find out exactly how this works, click here.

To get in on all the latest releases, click here.


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