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January 2024


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It’s Processes from the 4 Ps this month!

If you’ve ever moved houses, you’ve probably experienced the following phenomena: 

Wherever you first unpack an item, that is where it will remain for the foreseeable future. Your packet of spare toothbrushes, for example, does not necessarily belong in that box on top of the freezer. However, it will likely stay there for months or even years, because once you’ve put it there, you start to believe it belongs there.

The same can be said for the way we run our agencies. 

John might have always been in charge of billing and he might have always done it on a Tuesday, using a certain software. But just because that’s always the way it’s been done, doesn’t mean it’s the best way to do it.

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The new year is upon us and with it comes the opportunity to objectively revisit our processes and ask ‘Is there a better way to do this?’

To that end, we wanted to bring the following webinars to your attention in case you missed them at the time. They are designed to help you break into 2024 with the best processes in place.

  • Working Towards Year End Finances - all about how to get your finances, including 1099 and taxes so that everything is in place for 2024.
  • Month-End Procedures - How to set up vendors, navigate financial reports, and a bunch of other important billing-related processes.

 Another worthy way to spend some time at the beginning of this year?

Update your company calendar with this year’s holiday dates so you can plan ahead for project and resource management. 

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Vince Dong, our Finance and Accounting expert, has shared some penetrating insights on the topic of Revenue Recognition.


Now, Vince can read your mind at this point:

“What’s all this fuss about revenue recognition with agencies?  Isn’t revenue recognized when we just bill the client???”


“What do accountants know about financial reporting for advertising and marketing firms anyways?”

Well based on his experiences, Vince feels pretty strongly about this topic.See how well your agency is doing by comparing it to Vince’s direction in his article, Revenue Recognition.



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We recently put out a blog on the topic of Marketing Agency Reporting which is a great resource for which types of reports you should be running and how. Check it out to make sure you’re beginning the year on the right foot.

📣 Coming Soon! Workamajig Scale 

Get ready for something big!  We’re cooking up an exclusive online community just for the industry that will bring greater focus on key trends, best practices, and insights about Workamajig and other areas of marketing technology. Teaming up with industry influencers, we're creating a space where marketing agencies and in-house teams can collaborate for greater success.

What to Expect:

  • Industry Influencers: Rub shoulders with some of the best in the biz.
  • Empowering Insights: Boost your projects with insider tips in written, audio, video, and infographic formats.
  • Exclusive Access: Dive into webinars, resources, and more.
  • Your Voice Matters: Share feedback and shape the future of content, the revamped Bootcamp events program, and the Scale community as a whole.

Stay tuned for the big reveal – you won’t want to miss this! 

(Have no fear, newsletter subscribers will automatically be notified when we launch.)

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Have you applied for our latest Generative AI + Human Design scholarship?

Apply here for your chance to win $5000 towards furthering your design education. 

Know someone who would like to join? Forward them this link.

Three cheers for Rain Crowe, our previous scholarship winner! 👏


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As an Avalara partner, Workamajig is excited about their upcoming webinar, ‘Powering the Avalara Partner Network: Unveiling our new Partner Program’.

Join to find out how the Avalara Partner Program helps:

  • Drive profitable and sustainable growth 
  • Make it easier to do business with Avalara 
  • Create peace of mind   

Click here to register - we highly recommend it! 

Also coming up in February: 

🗓️ Do You Have Time?

Hosted by Brittany, this webinar will be about time entry features and who is able to control what in timesheets - a great opportunity to really get your head around this feature. Register Here!

🗓️ Billing Cycle Workflows

If you’re involved in billing in any shape or form, you’ll benefit from hearing Daniel explain how to set up the monthly billing cycle in a way that keeps everyone in the loop. Register Here!

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Have you booked yourself into 2024’s bootcamps yet?

We’re gearing up for two awesome bootcamps this year:

  • Project Management Bootcamp, April 15-16 - book here!
  • Finance & Accounting, Oct 14-15 - book here!


What’s changed at Red Productions since they switched to Workamajig? 

Austin Crum, Post-Production Supervisor at Red Productions LLC says they now have:

  • A resource management page that shows what needs to be done and who’s available to do it
  • The ability to see at a glance who is being overworked and who is being underworked
  • A suite of interfaces to build dashboards and view data at a high level
  • Greater efficiency from reports that provide an in-depth data perspective

And check out what Austin has to say about Workamajig support!

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As always, our goal is to make Workamajig easier and easier to use. This month, we’ve made managing deliverable comments and fix-it items simpler than ever!

Please follow this link for more details.

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