5 Things to Love About Integrated Project Management

Ron Ause Nov 6, 2015 2 min read

Managing the delivery of products and services is a primary concern for your agency. And while most creative firms are aware that they must maintain a comprehensive overview of each project’s lifecycle, many organizations use separate, disjointed systems for this process. Even worse, some firms use no system at all.

Integrated project management systems not only automate internal processes, they make your clients feel valued and appreciated. While the benefits of integrated project management are endless, here are five things to love.

1. Simplify and streamline your solutions

Project management systems simultaneously manage clients and creative, ensuring that your account people remain happy. Integrated solutions combine the daily minutia of agency life into one seamless solution. From customizable client reports to simplified client proofing processes, the best project management software makes it easy to keep both your client and your internal teams on the same page.

2. Define your projects based on service delivery models

All projects have a start and end date. And in between those dates are the tasks that define your project. Making sure that you capture necessary, accurate information based around the individual components of your project’s tasks is the only way to stay on top of your game. Integrated solutions update project schedules and show resource availability, all in real-time.

Can’t remember what jobs a team member is supposed to work on? No worries. Can’t seem to locate personnel? Relax. Integrated solutions provide you with a quick glance of who’s supposed to be doing what, and your team’s current schedules, so you know exactly where everyone is—without even having to leave your desk.

3. Manage the things you can’t measure

As creative industry vets, you already know that sometimes we must rely on intangible metrics. And it can often be tough to provide clients with quantifiable measurements. Integrated solutions enable your team to compare resource and time management numbers against the project tasks that make up a campaign. This provides an internal gauge of your project’s status and illustrates how well you are delivering against milestones, deadlines, and budgets.

4. Predict and anticipate growth

New business is the lifeblood of any agency. But spending too much time on outdated and underutilized processes means that you’re spending less time on new business. Integrated project management software allows your agency to see opportunities that the company is pursuing and where they are in your pipeline. The best software allows flexible, user-friendly searching and reporting options for all data, including companies, leads, contacts, opportunities, and activities.

You’ll be able to see estimated and weighted dollars that are expected from each opportunity, and when they’re expected to close. This allows your agency to predict and anticipate future growth.

5. Utilize customizable, automated templates

Whether it’s estimates or creative briefs, admin work can be a bummer—and a major time waster. The best software makes it possible to format estimates that match each client’s specific needs and style. Even better, these estimates can instantly become budgets. Integrated solutions also simplify creative briefs by providing a central location to create, edit, view, and print all project assets. Not only do these templates automate internal processes, they make your clients feel appreciated.

What are your favorite things about integrated project management? Let us know in the comments below!


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Ron Ause

Ron Ause

Ron began a career in the software industry at 13, while working with his father. He's become an expert in job cost and project management for creative teams.


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