How To Write A Project Scope Statement For Marketing Services (With Example + Template)

October 26, 2022
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What is a Project Scope Statement?

A scope statement in project management is a document that describes all the project fine details, and all that is required to complete the project within the set time frame and appointed budget–aka, your project scope. It clearly maps out what the stakeholder can expect, as well as what is not included within the project scope. It also allows you to explain what your services include, and it can also be called scope of work.

Outlining the deliverables required for each phase of the project will ensure that all parties know what they need to complete, and what is expected to be done within the project. A well-written project scope statement will help avoid scope creep and reduce confusion by keeping everything transparent and can be quickly referenced when questions regarding project details arise. 

Let’s dive into the parts of a scope of work statement and check out some project management scope statement examples. Below, you will also find a project management scope template you can use for your needs.


10 Key Elements to Include in a Project Scope Statement

Now that we defined what a project scope statement is, let’s see how we can go about creating a scope statement document. The points below will demonstrate what needs to be included in this important document, and the best way to write it.

  1. Project Goals & Objectives

Your project's purpose is why it has to take place. Talk about your goals –what stakeholders hope to achieve. Project objectives complement these goals. While goals are usually broad, objectives are concrete and specific. They’re metrics that need to be achieved to support the goal.

Work with your team to ensure realistic objectives before you commit them in your scope statement.

   2. Project Description

Summarize your project’s goals, key deliverables, priorities, and purpose. Add additional context to the details to help the reader understand the context of your endeavor. It is best to write the project description in clear, easy-to-understand terms to ensure everyone understands what is written.

   3.  Important Details

Start your scope statement with details about your project. Indicate your project name, the name of your project lead, company name, client name, and project duration. Make sure that all of these important details are written in the document, as this will be the official document that you will reference back to when clarifying project details.

  4. Key Deliverables & Acceptance Criteria

List all key project deliverables, which are high-level project requirements. They’re commitments for your client to deem your work complete and acceptable.

   5. Timeline

Your campaign timeline gives your client an overview of when you plan to submit milestones and deliverables. Milestones are checkpoints for your progress, while deliverables are what you need to submit to fulfill your commitments to your client.

Be sure to submit your deliverables on time to avoid project delays. To keep track of them use a project management tool like Workamajig. With Workamajig you can easily track project status and see where everything is holding at one quick glance. Deadline reminders will keep things on track and help avoid delays.

   6. Cost Estimate & Budget Limitations

The project budget section informs your client how much they will need to pay, and the terms by which they need to pay them. If you’re anticipating additional costs, you can also indicate how much you estimate they will be. 

    7. Inclusions & Exclusions

Outline what your service will cover and what it won’t. Clearly listing the exclusions is very important as it will prevent questions of if something is included in the project scope from arising down the road. For example, if you’re organizing an event, you may take care of distributing sponsor flyers. However, printing would be the responsibility of the sponsor and not yours. The scope statement should indicate this clearly to manage everyone’s expectations.

    8.  Assumptions & Agreements

Assumptions and agreements are parameters that you and your client discussed. They’re essential to indicate if they affect the committed timelines and deliverables. For example, what’s the lead time for feedback and approval for each incremental deliverable? Or if they committed to sending you product photos you can use to create social media posts, when will they be sent?

  9.  Risks & Project Constraints

Risks and constraints are factors that may affect the completion or success of your project. The primary three project constraints, known as the triple constraint, are time, money, and scope. List all foreseeable constraints, while including a risk management plan as well. 

  10.  Sign Off

At the bottom of your project scope statement, allocate an area for your stakeholders to affix their signatures. This will confirm that they’ve read, understood, and agreed to the pieces of information in the document.


Project Scope Document Template And Examples

To create your project scope document, here's a sample scope statement template you can fill in with your project details. You may also use it as a scope of work proposal template.

Below there are summarized versions of project scope statement examples you can reference if you provide specific services. When creating a comprehensive version, you may use a project scope statement template like the one above. We have also included one sample project scope statement for your reference.

Need a project scope document example? Download a project scope example PDF here. This example of a completed project scope statement can help you create one that’s suitable for your needs.


  • Event Management Scope Statement Example

Goals: Introduce a new makeup palette release to the press and influencers

Objectives: Mount an exclusive press launch for a new makeup palette on September 18, 2022

Key Deliverables: 

  • Approved event deck on or before June 15, 2022
  • Execution of press event for 50 pax on September 18, 2022
  • Post-mortem documentation and reports on or before October 18, 2022

Service Inclusions:

  • Creation of an approved event deck
  • Canvassing and booking of approved event suppliers
  • Guest list RSVP
  • Event management and sourcing of ushers
  • On-the-day management and troubleshooting
  • Post-mortem reports and documentation

Additional Notes:

  • Approvals will need a lead time of 3-5 days [Agreements]
  • Cost includes on-the-day ushers and assistants [Inclusion]
  • Branded giveaways will be turned over by the client on or before October 18, 2022 [Agreements]
  • List of guests to invite will be submitted by the client on or before October 1, 2022 [Agreements]
  • Social Media Management Scope Statement Example

Goals: Jumpstart online sales and move 50,000 units in 3 months for a trusted cleaning solution now available to order online

Objectives: Create a 3-month social media campaign targeting young homemakers within the region

Key Deliverables: 

  • Approved content plan for a 3-month campaign
  • Approved captions, videos, and images
  • Social media engagement within the duration of the campaign
  • Weekly reports with analytics, findings, and recommendations
  • Campaign documentation and turnover documents upon completion

Service Inclusions:

  • Planning and execution of the 3-month social media campaign
  • Weekly performance reports and analysis
  • Turnover documents upon completion

Additional Notes:

  • Approvals for the content plan, captions, and visual materials for posts will need a lead time of 3-5 days [Agreements]
  • Product images will come from the client and will be submitted by August 25, 2022 [Agreements]
  • Brand guidelines and social media playbook will come from the client to be submitted on or before August 25, 2022
  • Influencer talent fees will be shouldered by the client [Service exclusion]


  • Web Development Scope Statement Example

Goals: Rebrand the company website to reflect its new positioning

Objectives: Create a website with 44 pages and subpages total, as indicated in the design document

Key Deliverables: 

  • Approved wireframes aligned with the site map prescribed by the client
  • Website development in Webflow
  • Documentation and guidelines on website management and editing after turnover


  • Complete approved wireframes by August 27, 2022
  • Final website due by September 30, 2022

Service Inclusions:

  • Creation of approved wireframes
  • Website development on Webflow
  • Weekly status meetings with the client
  • Turnover documents upon website completion

Additional Notes:

  • Approvals will need a lead time of 3-5 days [Agreements]
  • Cost does not include additional plugins needed for some page functions [Service exclusion]
  • Project and company photos will be provided by the client on or before August 25, 2022

  • Video Editing Scope Statement Example

Goals: Increase company morale and camaraderie by creating impactful community activities

Objectives: Create a same-day edit video featuring the annual company Christmas party on December 20, 2022

Key Deliverables: 

  • Same-day edit video to be shown by the end of the Christmas party celebration on December 20, 2022
  • Turnover of high-resolution video to the client

Service Inclusions:

  • Equipment rental
  • Videographers and assistants
  • Same-day shoot and coordination for video-related tasks
  • Submission of same-day edit before the Christmas program ends

Additional Notes:

  • Video company to have the same-day edit video approved by the event organizers before it’s shown in the program [Agreements]
  • The client will provide five (5) crew meals for the video team [Agreements]


  • Content Marketing Scope Statement Example

Goals: Establish thought leadership in the no-code automation industry

Objectives: Produce ten (10) comprehensive long-form content pieces tackling relevant trends and topics in the no-code automation industry

Project Duration: January 15, 2022 - December 30, 2022

Key Deliverables: 

  • Approved content plan and briefs
  • Approved articles of approximately 3,000-4,000 words each

Service Inclusions:

  • Topic proposals
  • Keyword research
  • Coordinating with collaborators
  • Drafting, editing, and proofreading
  • Headline copywriting
  • Up to three (3) edit rounds per article

Additional Notes: [Agreements]

  • Agency is to submit an outline and a finished copy to the client before pushing through with the next steps
  • Feedback from clients will require a 5-day lead time maximum
  • Client will take care of formatting and uploading the long-form articles to the company blog/website
  • Client will take care of content distribution and promotion

How Workamajig Can Help You With Project Scope Statements 

Workamajig is the premier marketing tool, being the only project management tool built specifically for agencies and creative teams. It is THE marketing software you need to complete your projects efficiently. With its many features, which include project management, CRM, task management, resource management, as well as billing, you will be able to keep to your scope statement easily, avoiding confusion and keeping all team members updated on project status.

While your project scope statement summarizes the most relevant details about your commitment, in a digestible document, implementing your project scope document will be a breeze when using Workamajig. Check out its many features, and see if Workamajig is a fit for your team.


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