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The media landscape has never been more complex. Thankfully Workamajig is here to help simplify your job. From auto-generating invoices based on media orders to tracking email correspondences on all jobs, Workamajig helps the entire media department run more smoothly and efficiently.

Media Features

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Simplifies BillingClick to Play
Keeps You Connected
Simplifies Searches

Tracks Emails

With Workamajig, you can send an email to all team members and all thread responses will be shown. This allows everyone on the team to stay in the loop on all communications. What's more, Workamajig organizes emails by subject and then tags them to the contact and the company record so you can easily look up past communications.

Stores Reports

Streamlines Estimating

Making estimates from scratch is a thing of the past. Using Workamajig's templates, you can crank out exceptionally accurate estimates in no time.

Reconciles Invoices

Want to simplify the invoicing process? Workamajig reconciles vendor invoices against media orders. Best of all, you can easily match up the vendor invoices to the media buys without coding each line of the invoice manually.

Auto-Generates Invoices

Workamajig automatically generates invoices based on media orders. You'll have accurate and timely invoices with just a few clicks of the mouse.

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Key Features


  • Web-based system
  • Smartphone and tablet access
  • Mac and PC Compatible
  • Global search


  • Imports all contacts
  • Integrates contacts with Outlook/OSX
  • Synchronizes calendars
  • User-friendly searching
  • One integrated contact screen
  • Supports Win Without Pitching
  • Opportunity forecasting widgets/reports


  • Creates schedules with unlimited tasks
  • Gantt Chart and calendar views of schedules
  • Tasks integrated into timesheets
  • Shows resource availability
  • Sends alerts if individuals/groups overloaded
  • Creates schedules entering just one date


  • Allows project file sharing
  • Routes files to client for approval
  • Tracks emails on every project
  • Stores forms for every project

Job Costing

  • Project and campaign estimating
  • Sends quote requests to vendors
  • Bids go directly into system
  • Automatically converts estimates to POs
  • Supports unlimited estimate formats
  • Routes estimates directly to client
  • Real-time budget status views
  • Budget alerts and notifications

Accounts Payable

  • Reconciles vendor invoices
  • Reconciles invoices against media orders
  • Filters invoices to pay after billing client
  • Reconciles freelance invoices against timesheets

Accounts Receivable

  • Invoices generated with rates and markups
  • Invoices generated based on retainer agreements
  • Invoices generated based on dates/milestones
  • Invoices generated based on media orders
  • Reconciled invoices create charges/credits
  • AR Aging reports can be run by account person
  • Supports unlimited invoice formats