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How Integrated Project Management Builds Winning Agencies

by Ron Ause, March 4, 2016

No matter the size or capabilities of your creative agency, managing the delivery of your products and services after the sales process is crucial. And while successful management across the entire process of a project’s lifecycle is important, many organizations use antiquated, disjointed processes.

In order to build a winning agency, it’s important to use flexible, integrated options that optimize your agency’s workflow and manage cross-departmental tasks and deliverables. Integrated management ensures that the various elements of your agency’s projects are properly coordinated.

Below are several benefits of integrated project management.

Leverage opportunity information based around your sales processes

Integrated project management tracks projects by converting important information from the sales process to project records. From routing files to creating schedules, having a continuity of information saves a considerable amount of administrative time for your project team once they receive the handoff from sales.

Integrated project management considers all of your scheduled projects, but also identifies sales opportunities and projects awaiting approval. The result? A detailed revenue projection that’s based around your agency’s unique sales process.

Define projects based around your service delivery mode

All projects have a clearly defined start and end date that is measured by milestones and deliverables. Not only does integrated project management ensure that necessary information is delivered on time, it captures necessary information in relation to project tasks so that your team can update both external stakeholders and internal resources.

In short, integrated project management keeps track of all your project’s cross-departmental assets and resources.

Utilize your resources to their capability

Integrated project management also ensures that your project team is being utilized as efficiently and effectively as possible. By providing your entire team with a bird’s-eye view of your project—from inception to completion—and managing workflow and workloads, integrated management ensures that your agency is working at full capacity.

Utilize—and customize—project templates

Think of integrated project management as the playbook for your projects. Robust project management software enables you to create workflows for specific types of projects. By defining checklists based around your unique requirements, project templates facilitate internal communication and standardize the process of creating future projects.

Reduce departmental confusion and focus on results

Ultimately, integrated project management brings together functions found across your agency’s numerous departments. Integrated project management software stores all of the important information in a convenient, Web-accessible system. It produces work documents and reports at the click of a mouse. And it keeps everyone in your agency on the same page.

Why manage your business with different systems when you can utilize a single, effective method of management?

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