Is Resource Management Software Critical for Creative Agencies?

David Arnold Jul 6, 2016 2 min read

Is resource management software critical for creative agencies? The short answer is a resounding “yes.”

Think about it. Successful businesses consistently find a way to improve profitability and streamline expenses. And because employees themselves are precious, costly resources, it comes as no surprise that many organizations rely on staff redundancies and layoffs as primary cost cutting strategies.

How do you avoid the loss of talent while maintaining the quality and efficiency of your employee’s output? One solution is implementing successful resource management solutions.

Resource management software can help eliminate detriments such as poor resource planning, missed opportunities, confusion about who’s doing what, increased project risk, and under or over utilization of your staff. Perhaps most importantly, software also helps you understand your talent, which motivates your employees to remain productive and prolific.

To help illustrate the importance of resource management software, consider some of these benefits.

Increased Revenue

Standardizing your internal processes with effective resource management software improves visibility and control, which in turn, leads to significant benefits across your agency. Software can help you increase accountability across your organization as well as help you assess how effectively your resource pool is being used—on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

As important as measuring workflow is, it’s equally critical that your employees are being handed tasks that are best suited to their skill sets. By improving your resource management process, you’ll be able to pinpoint skill shortages and training requirements across your agency, which will help alleviate future resource conflicts.

Knowing that your resources are being utilized to a maximum effect ensures that you’re maximizing revenue.

Improved Delivery

If you are utilizing homegrown resource management systems, we can almost guarantee that they’re outdated, ineffective—and ultimately, expensive. Automating internal delivery processes across your agency helps reduce costs and increase margins.

Resource management software manages workloads, which helps managers see who’s overloaded and who has extra time for additional tasks. It also enables project teams to integrate schedules and timesheets, and update the status of all jobs in real-time.

Resource management software should be able to create schedules with unlimited tasks and subtasks. This precise, granular detail helps keep everyone on task and ensures that there are no major scheduling conflicts or misunderstandings. Not only does software provide your team with a centralized area to view a project’s status, it also provides management with a comprehensive overview of timeline, specs, and budget.

Achieving improved execution of projects is entirely feasible. As we’ve discussed, it starts with how well your resources are being managed. Effective resource management is more than assigning the right resources to the right tasks. It’s about ensuring that resources are being utilized to the best of their ability.

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David Arnold

David Arnold

David studied at the Northern AZ University & spent years working with agencies like J. Walter Thompson and McCann-Erickson and Fortune 100 companies in Tokyo.


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