How Task Management Software Helps Organize Your Teams & Projects

December 13, 2022
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At its most basic, task management in project management is creating and assigning tasks, setting deadlines, and tracking progress. But with the right team task management software, it can be so much more.

The best task management tools help you not only track progress but also communicate better, handle ever-changing priorities, and keep your projects on schedule. If you're looking for a way to get your team's projects organized and on schedule, read on to learn more about the benefits of team task management software and the features to look for when choosing the best task management software for your needs.


What Is Task Management in Project Management?

Task management in project management is the process of creating, assigning, and monitoring tasks as part of a team effort. It includes setting due dates, tracking progress, and ensuring that team members are on the same page when it comes to priorities and assignments.

The ultimate goal of task management is to ensure that all tasks necessary to complete a project are completed on time and within budget

Let's use a real-life example of when team task management software can help you stay organized and on track. Imagine that your team is tasked with launching a new product by the end of the year. You begin by creating a team project, assigning team members to specific tasks like market research, design, development, etc., and setting realistic deadlines for each team member's work.

Thanks to team task management tools, like Workamajig, you can track your team's progress and communicate any changes in priority or deadlines easily. And because team members have visibility into each other's work, they can help each other stay on schedule and keep their tasks on track.

Ultimately, team task management software makes it easier for teams to collaborate, communicate, and complete their projects efficiently and effectively.


The Benefits of Team Task Management Software & Tools in Project Management 

There are many benefits of using team task management software to organize your projects. The most obvious benefit is that it helps you keep track of all the moving pieces involved in a project and ensures that nothing falls through the cracks. In addition, team task management software can help improve communication among team members by providing a central place for all project-related information and conversations. And because everyone has access to the same information at all times, it's easy to stay up-to-date on the latest changes or developments. Perhaps most importantly, team task management tools can help keep your projects on schedule by allowing you to quickly and easily see when tasks are due. 


Best Features to Look For in Task Management Software 

Although there is not a one-size-fits-all solution for team task management software, when you're looking for a task management tool, there are a few key features you'll want to make sure it has.

First, look for a tool that offers easy task-creation capabilities. The best tools will allow you to create tasks directly from your email inbox or browser with just a few clicks.

Additionally, you'll want to make sure the tool you choose offers robust assignment capabilities so you can quickly and easily assign tasks to individual team members or groups.

Ensure the tool you choose offers detailed tracking capabilities so that you can see which tasks are overdue, which are upcoming, and which have been completed.

A few other features that can help make team task management easier include:


  • Team collaboration tools such as team chat or the ability to comment on tasks and projects
  • Performance tracking
  • Visuals such as project dashboards that show team progress
  • Task dependencies and task relationships to help inform your team's workload
  • Automated reminders and alerts to keep team members updated on important deadlines and changes

The best team task management software will cater to your team's unique needs and make it easy for team members to collaborate and get things done. When you invest in a team task management tool that fits your team's work style, you can rest assured that your team will be able to stay more organized, communicate more efficiently, and be empowered to complete projects on time and within budget—ultimately resulting in a happy client.


Task Planning and Creation 

Team task management software’s strongest feature is its ability to streamline the entire task planning process—from initial assignment to deadline reminders—into one simple interface.

First, good team task management software should allow you to easily create and assign tasks to team members. With just a few clicks in your team task management tool, you can quickly add new tasks or subtasks, as well as assign existing tasks to other team members.


Task Assignment

After tasks have been created, team task management software also allows team members to easily see which tasks are assigned to them and when they’re due. This helps team members stay on top of their workloads and ensures that nothing goes overlooked.

In addition, team task management tools offer robust collaboration features such as team chat or commenting capabilities. These features help team members collaborate effectively and quickly get feedback from each other on project-related tasks.


Task Tracking

Once team members have been assigned their tasks, team task management software should allow you to set deadlines and track each team member’s progress. You can see at a glance which tasks are due soon, which have missed their deadlines, and which team members need additional resources or guidance in completing certain tasks.

In addition, a good team task management tool will offer advanced reporting features, allowing you to generate reports on team performance that can be used for team and project reviews. Whether you need to present your team’s progress to upper management or simply want a quick way to see how your team is doing, team task management software should be able to help give you the helpful insights you need.


App Integrations

Finally, team task management software should be flexible enough to integrate seamlessly with other team collaboration and productivity apps. This allows team members to streamline their workflows by using a single tool for all of their team-related tasks, helping them stay more organized, save time, and get more done.

For example, maybe you need a tool that features two-way integration with other office productivity apps such as Slack, Jira, and Google's suite of tools. When searching for team task management software, be sure to consider the app integrations that are available and make sure they align with your team’s needs.


How to Choose the Best Task Management Software for Your Team

If you manage a team of creatives, then you know how important it is to keep everyone on track and organized. There are a million and one things that need to be done in order to complete a project, and it can be tough to keep everything straight while keeping everyone on the team happy. That's where task management software comes in. 

Task management software is designed to help you streamline and organize team tasks, making it easier for team members to collaborate and get their work done on time. But with so many different task management tools out there, how do you know which one is right for your team? Some key considerations when choosing team task management software include features like team assignment and collaboration capabilities, deadline tracking, reporting features, and app integrations.

When looking at team task management software, start by evaluating the features that are most important to your team's workflows. For example, if your team relies heavily on communication in order to get their projects completed on time, then look for a tool that offers robust collaboration features like team chat or commenting capabilities. Similarly, if tracking team progress and performance is key to your team's success, then be sure to look for a tool that offers advanced reporting features.

Customization may also be an important factor when choosing team task management software. Look for a tool that offers custom workflows and team settings, allowing you to configure the app to meet your team's specific needs so that you can hit the ground running once your tool is ready to use.


How to Use Task Management Software for Project Management

When it comes time to put your team task management software to use, there are a few key steps that you should follow in order to successfully manage team projects. These include assigning team members to specific tasks, setting deadlines and progress-tracking milestones, leveraging reporting features for team reviews, and integrating with other team productivity apps.

To assign team members to specific tasks, start by evaluating the skills and workloads of each team member to determine who is best suited for which tasks. Once team members have been assigned their tasks, be sure to set clear deadlines so that everyone knows what they need to accomplish and by when. To track team progress and stay on top of looming deadlines, look for team task management software that offers advanced tracking features like project milestone charts or customizable reports.

In addition to using your tool for team assignments and tracking team progress, it can also be useful to leverage reporting tools for team reviews. This allows you to track team performance over time and make any necessary personnel adjustments based on this data.

Finally, when it comes to using team task management software as part of your project management workflow, be sure to integrate with other team productivity apps like project management systems or file-sharing platforms. This will help streamline team workflows and allow team members to collaborate seamlessly across various tools. With the right task management software in place, you can organize your team's projects, keep everyone on track and productive, and increase overall team efficiency and success.


Workamajig Helps Creative Teams Excel with Task Management Software

Ready to begin your search for team task management software that can help your creative team thrive? Start with Workamajig. As one of the leading team productivity tools on the market, Workamajig has everything you need to organize team projects, assign tasks, track team performance and progress, and collaborate with ease.

With Workamajig, you get access to a robust set of team assignments, collaboration, and reporting features that are designed to help teams excel. Whether you need to assign team members to specific tasks, track team progress, and milestones, or review team performance over time, Workamajig makes it easy to manage every step of your team projects.

And the best part? With its integration with other popular team productivity tools as well as robust communication features and scalability, Workamajig enables seamless collaboration across all of your team's workflows.

Get in touch today to schedule a free demo and start using team task management software that can help your creative team be the best version of itself.

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