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Workamajig and Smith & Jones, Healthcare Marketing Agency

by Smith and Jones, February 12, 2015
S&J Workamajig Team

Rooted in the capital district of New York, Mark Shipley and Sara Tack founded Smith & Jones almost 30 years ago. As the healthcare marketing agency grew, they knew they had to find a managing system that could grow with their needs. In 2003 our agency took on Creative Manager, Workamajig’s former platform, which allowed all of our departments to work together seamlessly, streamlined operations and simplified workflow. 

Rachel Digman - Comptroller

"Having worked with the Workamajig software for over ten years, I have to say the integration between projects, work flow and accounting is seamless. The report options are countless and the continuity between screens makes it very easy to train new users. The Workamajig staff has a dedication to making the product better and better which can be seen in their updates to the software each month. In addition, their support when issues or questions arise is beyond question, polite, quick and with a depth of understanding of the software similar to what you would expect your own employees to have when speaking to your clients."

To stay successful as an advertising agency, Smith & Jones is always keeping with the trends, staying current and looking to work with the leading edge of technology,. Workamajig knows how to keep up. While the basics of Workamajig have stayed the same, they are regularly seeking advice from those on the front lines of the software and working to fit their needs as best they can. 

 Braden Russom - Account Manager

"I’ve worked with many other agency management software packages. Workamajig is the gold standard for a reason - it’s the most comprehensive, the most flexible, and the most powerful."

When our partner Bust Marketing came on board, it was clear that Workamajig would provide the best tools for our companies to work together. Setting up and training the Burst team on the software was easy with the experience we had under our belts.

Mo Abele - Traffic Manager - Burst Marketing employee

"I love how Workamajig seamlessly runs the entire agency. Everyone is using one system that brings all the departments together. As for traffic management, there are a bunch of ways to organize schedules and keep track of timelines. Lastly, they are continuously improving the software, fixing bugs and trying new things!”

Dave Mercier - Art Director - Burst Markting employee

"The new Platinum interface is great. I like having prioritized tasks and my daily schedule at my fingertips.”

The ability to use one software but have two separate company id’s in the system allows the partnership to see the growth both individually and together. Additionally, the integrated color-coded metrics monitor by ReCourses helps executives easily see the fiscal health of the company. 

Mark Shipley - Co-founder and Strategy Director of Smith and Jones

"From my perspective, Workamajig is great at giving me the big picture view of everything going on in the agency - from new business to client relations on down to creative reviews and financials - with the ability to drill down into the details with a click of a button. For managing a complex business like a marketing agency, it’s invaluable. Without it I would feel like I’m working in the dark without a flashlight or candle."   

Smith & Jones is always trying to do the best for their clients. Workamajig’s feature to allow clients to log-in and interact with creative ideas and estimates is a great convenience for those on both sides of the project. 

Lynn White - Operations Director

"Workamajig has proven to be a nimble agency management tool. Not only is Workamajig an efficient interface between operations (estimates, time management) and accounting (invoicing and reconciling), it also provides easy access and management of creative assets. In addition, using Deliverables and the Digital Art Review has streamlined our client approval process.”   

We can say with confidence that Workamajig has been a key team player in our agency and look forward tothe new chapter of the company with our merger to Burst Marketing. Next steps: bringing our whole team to Workamajig Platinum! 

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