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An Open Letter to Workamajig

by Amy Weiser, April 10, 2014

Amy WeiserDear Workamajig,

I wanted to share with you why I appreciate you on a daily basis as much as I do.

In the past, I have worked to keep media and client files organized in a variety of ways. Early in my career, our agency did so with manila folders, a stack of sprocket feed paper and a typewriter… which luckily evolved to using software based on the needs of the sales department, which probably did not serve the agency as a whole very well. (Please note here that I am in my early 30’s, so this was not THAT long ago). This sales system did not link to invoicing clients or any feature other than a client contact database. We had separate databases for clients and media partners. We did accounting, time sheets, project updates, work orders and all the rest manually.

Then I moved on in my career, moving to an agency with a software platform that could invoice clients and keep track of media contacts and client contacts, all in one place. But I still always had trouble figuring out who worked on what client or what project and how to keep internal people in the loop throughout a project. Whether your agency is in one building or a multitude of them, throughout the country or world, it is still important to know who is doing what, for whom and when! Of course, I had no idea we could do better than that at the time.

Until I met Workamajig.

Not only can we now tie in all of our contacts - we can tie everything in to Strata for media invoicing. And still keep up on hours spent on a project. Never before have I had such a transparent view of where a project stands for billing while sharing this information with the entire agency or as much as we need to. Storing assets is a wonderful bonus too. I also have never had a system that had timesheets built into the process! We also frequently assign tasks to the team and keep up on time spent throughout a project or the year. Even better, I now know who is assigned to a project or to client teams for our clients. Our agency set all that up for us and it is a relief to have all of the information where and when we need it.

No longer will I have to do manual work orders for internal teams. No longer will I send separate external invoices. No longer will I manage a database through yet another software platform. No longer will I worry about where I am physically located, or working remote from, to complete tasks since everything is web-based.

Yes, it is bitter sweet to say good-bye to the old typewriter, but it is for a good cause… and the typewriter can’t automatically update itself, like Workamajig can. I also can say good-bye to many of the post-it notes I used to attach to folders or documents attached to a project; I can use the Workamajig diary instead! It's actually sad to say good-bye to some of those old spreadsheets that were (sometimes) tied together by a master spreadsheet. In fact, whenever we had so many systems managing so many different parts of the business, we were never really able to get a handle on exactly what was happening at any given time.

Thank you for being a custom solution for our industry and being easy to use and learn. We go through a lot during a ‘typical’ day and knowing we have a project management solution that is intuitive, stays ahead of the curve and keeps everything organized gives us one less thing to fret over.

Warmest regards,

Amy Weiser
Amy Weiser is an Integrated Media Specialist with Hitchcock Fleming and Associates, a Workamajig client since 2006.


About The Author

Amy has been at Hitchcock, Fleming & Associates, Inc. since 2014 and is currently a Senior Integrated Media Specialist. She also has 20+ yrs exp in photography.

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