How to Design an Effective Workflow for Your Creative Project

Ron Ause Nov 3, 2013 2 min read

Professionals who work in design firms, ad agencies or other types of creative shops know all too well the challenges that come with getting a design project though the system. It’s not easy to go from idea to reality and to the market easily and effectively when so many factors come into play like scheduling, budgeting, client approvals and more.

For someone looking to streamline the processes involved in a creative project, many agencies have found excellent results using software as a solution (on demand software.) The latest to benefit today’s design firms is web-based project management software that can streamline a project form beginning to end.

Designed to make the creative workflow seamless

The latest on demand software for creative agency project management can benefit a design shop by making trafficking a project faster and more efficient, so that hassles are less and more money is saved.

A web based solution like Workamajig, one of the most used ad agency software in the market, is designed from the ground up to make the creative workflow flow easier.

The right solution can help traffic departments (the hub of any agency) keep a project going by giving traffic personnel all the tools they need in one place. Good project management software solutions allow for easier budgeting, scheduling, tracking of hours, routing of projects and more. It even makes getting approvals easier. All while keeping a daily diary that keeps everyone working on a project up to speed.

Some of the benefits of implementing on demand software solutions for workflow improvements include:

  • Global searching features that give the ability to search everything on a project at any time just be using key words and phrases.
  • Easier, more detailed scheduling that lets a traffic person create tasks and sub tasks. More precise schedules keep the project flowing and keeps all project stakeholders meeting their deadlines on time.
  • The ability for quick updates for real-time status on any project and integrate schedules and timesheets for a comprehensive view of a project and its status.  
  • A web based interface that enables any user to view a project’s timeline, team members, budget, specs and more. And software solutions like Workamajig are also mobile friendly, which means anyone can check on a project or perform their tasks from anywhere—while at the airport, a client’s office, or hotel—by working on any phone, tablet or device.
  • Easier workload management by letting appropriate people see who is overloaded and who has time to help out on a project.
  • The ability to track all emails relating to a project so that nothing falls through the cracks. They are all stored in the system for all project stakeholders to share and view whenever they need.

Most important, the right workflow management software solution will allow for easier routing of projects, managing and sharing files, and getting the right approvals at the right time. Again, these tasks can be done anywhere, from any device, so it is more efficient and hassle-free than ever before.

Making creating projects faster, better and more affordable than ever

Investigate today’s software solutions for design firms and creative agencies and it is easy to see how solutions like Workamajig are making a real impact on project workflow. Good projects take many players to help create them, so having a solution that allows for managing all the moving components involved is critical. 


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