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Expense Reports in Workamajig

by Success Manager, November 13, 2014

Digital Media Manager Marcus loves that Workamajig sends his expense reports directly to accounting for approvalDigital media strategy isn’t something that most clients understand without a lot of explaining, and my personal preference is to explain it to them over a nice, long lunch at a reasonably nice restaurant. Of course, after a certain alpaca incident, management cut up the Calico company credit card, so I’m paying for those lunches up front. When you’re paying for things like food and gas out of pocket, you’re concerned about two main things: getting your money back as quickly as possible, and not having to bring in an accountant or your six-year-old daughter to figure out the finance software. You want straightforward, intuitive software, and you don’t want any messing around when you’re getting your expense report approved. Basically, you want Workamajig.

Problem: How do I get reimbursed when I have to pay for client lunches out of pocket?

Solution: Workamajig makes it easy to fill out expense reports and easy to get them approved.

I remember some of the restaurants I used to take clients to back when I worked at Ogil — well, it doesn’t matter. But it was basically surrounded by high-end restaurants, which is to be expected in a city that big, and we got to treat our customers to the best. Even without being in a bustling metropolis, though, Calico has some nice places nearby, so when I take clients out to lunch, I like to do it someplace special. But I don’t have to worry about paying for pricey meals out of pocket. When I get back to my desk — or even on my phone right there at the lunch table, if I want to be tacky — I crank up Workamajig, open a new expense report, record those out-of-pocket expenditures on a simple form and send it straight to Linda for approval. When she approves it, she can convert it directly into a vendor invoice to get me reimbursed, and I get my money back. And I get a nice meal at a restaurant that’s almost as good as the ones I ate at back when I worked in the city, like the one with sushi that came out on little rafts.

So if we’re not going to have company credit cards — or a martini cart, which my other agency also had — it’s good to have Workamajig to take care of expense reports for us. Now that I think about it, my old agency didn’t have Workamajig. Or cats, or a foosball table.

You know, there’s no better place to work than Calico.

- Marcus, Media Manager–Digital, Calico Agency


Marcus says that Workamajig's expense reports are great for when accounting cuts up the company credit card

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