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Managing Contacts in Workamajig

by Success Manager, November 7, 2014

Account executive Andrew loves Workamajig's contact management functionsI’ll come right out and say it: Workamajig’s contact management function is the ultimate wingman: user-friendly, mobile and customizable. Now, my old LBB — my little black book — was legendary. It had names, nicknames, cell numbers, work numbers, birthdays, pets’ names, food allergies — it was comprehensive. It was two inches thick, bound in calfskin and hand-sewn by Benedictine monks in a cloistered abbey in Italy that produces nothing but high-quality leather goods and chanting. With that little black book at my side, I never missed a contact, never forgot a number, never missed a client meeting or a chance to connect. I brought in a lot of clients with that little black book, and I kept them happy.

(That was my business book, of course. My personal LBB is a custom database and smartphone app that I had Noel develop for me, searchable by name, hair color, ZIP code and date of first contact.) But as elegant and satisfying to the touch as that book was, it definitely wasn’t sufficiently high tech for a guy who’s already using the prototype iPhone 7+. And it wasn’t a lot of help when I was on the road and someone at the office had to email me for a client’s number or a vendor’s email address. Even when we kept all of our contact information in a spreadsheet, I still had to keep going back to that black book for personal details, which made it hard to maintain the illusion that I kept all of that stuff in my head. But that was before we got Workamajig.

Problem: How do I keep my contacts organized, easy to find and easy to share?

Solution: I put my leather-bound book on the shelf and let Workamajig keep track of my contacts.

Workamajig has a place to store just about every piece of information I might ever find useful about anyone I might ever contact, ever. It has the usual spaces for personal and company contact information, of course, but it also has custom fields and spaces to record other information that could be important. (Bridget at MegaCell is allergic to shellfish, so business sushi lunches are a bad idea.) And everyone at the office has access to the information. If I really wanted to, I could export all of my contacts to use on another platform, but why would I want to do that? Everything I’m working on is in Workamajig.

And because it’s Workamajig, it’s easy to use anywhere. I can pull up contact information right from my iPhone 7++ or my tablet that’s currently only known by a code name. I never have to call a co-worker or wait until I’m back at my desk to find what I need. Really, the only thing Workamajig is lacking is a buttery-soft finish and the smell of antique leather.

That reminds me — I need to get in touch with my contact at that monastery about a custom case for my iPhone 8 that’s coming tomorrow. I’m thinking brown ostrich skin with a monogram. Now, where is Brother Antonio’s number — oh, wait, it’s right here in Workamajig. Boom. 

- Andrew, Senior Account Manager, Calico Agency

Andrew says that Workamajig's contact management function is like an indexed, searchable stack of cocktail napkins

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