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Ask Us Anything: Question Time with the Calico Crew

by Success Manager, September 5, 2014



Ahoy, there matey! So what project management problem keeps you up at night? Because whatever it is I’ll bet my yacht that Workamajig can solve it. And to prove it, my trusty colleagues Ian, Andrew and Linda are standing by to answer your questions. Go ahead and put us to the test. Leave a question on this blog thingy and we’ll post an answer immediately - like magic. Well, it’s not really magic but, by gosh, it sure feels like it. We'll be here today until 5:30 CST (Calico Time), and Monday from 8:30 am 'til 5:30 pm to help you out with your Workamajig. We love it dearly!  As I'm sure you do!

- Bill, President and CEO, Calico Agency

(Updated Tuesday at 3:02 p.m. CST)

 From Elizabeth M. in comments:

"Hi There Bill, I am struggling with tasks that double as meetings. (Kick offs, milestones, check ins, etc.). I have a task that I add everyone too, and I check off 'show on calendar' but then there is no way to make that task appear in the My Meetings widget for everyone who is assigned to the task. Right now my solution is that I schedule a meeting on the calendar and invite everyone, then link it to the task which people then bill to. I am unchecking 'block out' on the meeting so that the same task/meeting is not counting twice on our resource report. Any ideas on how to solve for this? Thanks, Elizabeth"

Ian. That’s a bloody good question, Elizabeth. I don’t actually know the answer to it, m’self. We usually let our IT guy, Buddy, handle things like that. We’ll give him a ring and have him pop back ‘round to answer your question.

Noel: For the twentieth time, Ian, my name isn’t Buddy, it’s Noel. I’m just going to stop answering pages for Buddy, and then you’ll be stuck wondering why the Windows version of the program you just downloaded won’t work on your Mac, and then where will you be? Just see if I don’t do that.

Elizabeth, if you assign resources to the task with hours allocated for an hour-long meeting, and you schedule an hour-long meeting with the Block Out, you will see it counting twice on the staff schedule. So if the meeting isn’t part of the allocated hours for the task, you should just block it out so the staff schedule will reflect it as “busy.” You’ll just need to decide where you want that hour to come from—from the project schedule/task assignment, or from the meeting. When you have a meeting linked to a project, you can Add Time to the project from your calendar. I hope that helps.

Ian: Cheers, Buddy.

Elizabeth replies:

"Hi Again! Noel, I understand what you are saying, but I'm not sure we are on the same page. I am more concerned about when a task IS a meeting. Simply checking 'show on calendar' helps because then we can see the meeting on the calendar, but it does not appear in the My Meetings widget for anyone. I guess my questions is 'how can I make a task show on everyone's calendar (and My Meetings widget) as a scheduled meeting?' Thanks again!"

Noel: I'm sorry for the confusion, Elizabeth. Really, a task is a task, and a meeting is a meeting—even though they can both be viewed on the calendar, they're different things. I want to be sure you can get all the answers you need, so I'm going to direct you to to have a more in-depth conversation with someone more familiar with your particular needs. Best of luck with everything, and thanks for talking with us.

From Darren in comments:

"New to workamajig - we have the contract in front of us and are signing next week! We need a digital asset management solution to catalogue all of the different types of layered and final creative that we produce. What are a couple of the solutions that you would recommend that tie into workamajig."

Ian: I think I’ll field this one, mates. Darren, this is actually one of my favorite features of Workamajig, because it lets us creatives keep up our work on the road. At Calico, we’re partial to a cloud-based service, like or Amazon S3, with a setup for WebDAV, but you can also set up a WebDav-based system on your own servers that hooks it all in to Workamajig. It’s handy because it lets you store files in one place and access them from anywhere, even on your phone or your tablet. Downloads and uploads are faster, and you get to upload and download multiple files at once. When you’re talking with your Workamajig chap, ask them to help you set up your system that way. And then tell your creatives they have no excuse for not getting their work done just because they’re away from the office, yeah?

From Ann in comments:

"Ian, is that your real hair color, or do you dye it?"

Ian: Oi, that’s out of line.

Andrew: Ian’s really sensitive about being a ginger. Probably because we keep calling him “Ron Weasley” and asking him if he’s any good at Quidditch.

Ian: Well, it certainly doesn’t help, mate.

Golly, that was fun. Did you have fun? I had a blast. Thanks to everyone who left a question. If you still have Workamajig questions, my Calico crew has to get back to work, but you can send an email to and one of their swell folks will get back to you. Fair winds, everyone!

- Bill, President and CEO, Calico Agency

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