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How Workamajig’s Timesheet Functions Make Linda a Nice Person

by Success Manager, June 26, 2014


14WMG0150_-_Blog_7-14_-_Image-01It hurts my feelings a little that everyone at Calico thinks I’m hard-nosed. I’m actually a nice person. But as finance director, it’s my job to know where every penny is coming from and going, so I can keep our agency in the black. Good financial management doesn’t make me a terribly popular person. But it’s the reason we can give our employees their paychecks every two weeks. (And no, Andrew, I know where you had that steak dinner and who you had it with, and that is not an expensible meal.)

Billing is one of the biggest parts of my job, since that’s our main revenue source. To prepare billing for a given client, I have to know the labor costs from every department in the agency. I also have to be able to provide detailed reports of those costs to justify our invoices.

Preparing reports was always a miserable task. I used to spend endless late-night hours organizing records and filling out spreadsheets to be able to get invoices out on time. It seemed like it always came down to the very last minute, waiting for everyone to complete their timesheets and approvals so I could finalize billing. And even then, there was always the worry that something had gotten lost or transposed moving between the project management and accounting systems that would lead to a costly mistake.

Problem: How do I keep a tight watch on my agency’s finances without becoming the bad guy?

Solution: Workamajig’s timesheet functions keep workflow flowing and make billing easy.

Workamajig keeps everything organized and in line from the minute the project is opened, so there’s no mad scramble to get things together at billing time. The first time an employee enters time on a project, a start date is generated, and the rest of the timeline is automatically populated from there. The system tracks how many hours a given employee has been allotted for the job and how far along they are in the process. Since it’s updated in real time, I can look at the entire project and see how close we are to hitting our budget—or being over budget. This also makes it easy to estimate similar projects in the future, since we can compare estimated time and actual time spent. And at billing time, instead of sitting in my office late at night filling out spreadsheets, I can click a button and generate necessary documents automatically.

Workamajig also allows me to see who has submitted their timesheets and send notifications to employees who are late. Of course, now that timesheets are so easy, no one is late anymore.

OK, that part isn’t true. A project management system can’t do everything. But Workamajig does make timesheets, billing and communication easy, so I’m less likely to be in a grumpy mood when I have to track down timesheet truants. Maybe I’ll be able to lose that hard-nosed reputation.

- Linda, Finance Director, Calico Agency

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