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Ashlee Cain Mar 5, 2014 1 min read

At our agency, many projects come through in a flash. As the gatekeeper of everything (I'm the production/traffic manager at ANDERSON Advertising and Public Relations), I'm constantly making sure that all the balls stay in the air and end up in the proper place. This is a task that, without Workamajig, would feel like an incredible feat of strength.

My lifesaver in the Workamajig program day-in and day-out is the "Traffic Staff Schedule." It's the difference between designers spending their days watching YouTube videos about world wars, aliens and unlikely animal companionships, and the

seamless level of productivity that happens when each designer knows what he/she is responsible for.

With our constantly shifting schedule and range of projects for a variety of clients, some days can make us feel like we have a million things going on at once (and we often do). With the launch of a website for one client, a range of digital ads pending deadline for another, and four print ads that need to be trafficked in the next hour, some days are a whirlwind and Workamajig is the only tool that allows us to stabilize and get our projects

out the door.

With just the click of a button I can print out a Staff Schedule (what we refer to as "hot sheets") and like magic- each of the designers have a prioritized list of what's hot and what's not. In addition to the daily hot sheets, all the designers are provided a job jacket for each project with a color code highlighting the status as red (due yesterday), green (due today) and yellow (due down the road).

Since designers are inherently visual people, the combination of the Workamajig staff schedule with the color-coded job jackets is the perfect visual representation of what everyone has on their plate. It's great for me to manage the creative team and make sure we're on schedule and also helps each designer stay on track. The only other tool that I can imagine that would be more effective is some sort of program that rewards designers with access to hidden, amazing YouTube videos.

Actually, Workamajig- do you think you can get on that?

By Ashlee Cain
Production/Traffic Manager
ANDERSON Advertising and Public Relations

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