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It’s Late, and I Have Stuff to Do: The Workamajig Client Dashboard

by Leslie, Calico client, November 21, 2014

Leslie, Calico client and VP of Marketing, loves Workamajg's client dashboard for checking project status and getting answers to questions right away

Do you know how much time I spend in the office, managing marketing efforts for Kitty Snax? Lots. Lots of time. Some weeks, I’m here late every day, because you know what? Convincing the world that organic, free-range cat treats are the only treats their little kitties should eat* is an uphill battle. When I’m mid-campaign, sweating at my desk at 8:30 at night, I need answers to my questions now — I can’t wait for my account manager at my AOR to get back in the office and answer my emails. It’s 8:30 at night, and I need to be home feeding my kitties. Agencies we’ve used in the past haven’t used Workamajig. Calico does, because when you need to know your project status right now, or you need brief approval or creative approval, you want your own dashboard to do it.

(*“The only treats your little kitty should eat.” That’s an awesome line. I’m sending that to Andrew.)

Problem: How do I keep track of my project — or multiple projects — quickly and easily? Even at 8:30 at night?

Solution: My dashboard on Workamajig has everything I need to know or do.

I was very clear from the moment we engaged Calico that I am very busy all the time and that I expected communication, I expected them to be on the ball, and Andrew, my AE, was, like, “Okay.” Because they use Workamajig, so he knew they could do that. He set up a Workamajig account and a dashboard for me, and that puts all the information I need right there in widgets, available whenever I need to access it.

The Active Projects widget shows project status for all of our active projects, which is good, because sometimes we have a lot going on at once. (Those are the weeks when I get home at 8:30 at night.) The My Tasks widget lets me know what I’m supposed to be doing on the project, like approving a brief or providing feedback on a proof. And the My Items to Approve widget puts all of those items in one list, so I can just click on the item, make any notes I need to make, and send it right back to Andrew, all from within the system. It’s awesome.

And what’s really great is that Workamajig is Web-based and mobile-friendly. So you know what I can do? I can go home. I can go home and work there, and when I need to check a project status or approve something, I just shove my cat(s) off my laptop and take care of it from my desk. (Couch.) I can do it from my tablet or phone, too.

Because a VP of marketing for a purveyor of fine organic, free-range cat treats never sleeps. I’m on the job 24 hours a day, seven days a week, bringing you The Only Treats Your Little Kitty Should Eat™ (must credit Leslie).

There you go, Calico. I did that for you.

- Leslie, VP–Marketing at Kitty Snax Organic Cat Treats, Calico Agency client

Leslie says that Workamajig's client dashboard lets her push her cats off of her laptop, and check her project status right there from home

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